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99% recommendation

192 hotel reviews

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94% recommendation

1047 hotel reviews

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92% recommendation

112 hotel reviews
  • very centrally located (1)
    "very centrally located" found in 1 review
    • "Magnificent vacation in paradise. We had a junior suite on the sunrise side (# 76), this is very centrally located. The hit the open bathroom :-) it is in a few steps at the own beach section. Sometimes is ..." 
  • The food is just great (1)
    "The food is just great" found in 1 review
    • "... :-) it is in a few steps at the own beach section. Sometimes is alone at the beach! A great thing is, that one on arrival in the main restaurant get a table, the entire vacation on reserves! The food is just great. You always find something and the absolute Hit were the freshly grilled steaks and the fish! ..." 

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85% recommendation

20 hotel reviews
Hotel Kanuhura (5.5 stars)

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87% recommendation

113 hotel reviews
  • First class service (1)
    "First class service" found in 1 review
    • "We stayed with our adults children a wonderful vacation in kanuhura resort experienced. First class service from morning until late in the night. Turquoise water, white sand... Simply magnificent. Only ..."