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95% recommendation

120 hotel reviews
  • breakfast and dinner were very good (1)
    "breakfast and dinner were very good" found in 1 review
    • "... area explore. On the possibilities for excursions was in other reviews reported in detail. From the hotel itself lots of activities in the free time offered. The complex is really very nice. The breakfast and dinner were very good. Under room was also very beautiful, clean and spacious. ( room 139 ) we had a bungalow on the ..." 

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67% recommendation

18 hotel reviews
  • big balcony (1)
    "big balcony" found in 1 review
    • "... It was very professional and efficient. As in advance invites, lag our room on the first floor in the garden scattered bungalows. The room was sensational large, the bathroom wonderful. The big balcony was by mango trees surrounded. The duvets are riesigst, V-Spring beds with various upholstery ..." 
  • already prepared (1)
    "already prepared" found in 1 review
    • "After longer drive from the airport to the hotel ( uS was known) we were in the most pleasant way possible surprised. For the group the usual drink was already prepared and check-in was already pre-programmed. It was very professional and efficient. As in advance ..." 

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