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89% recommendation

794 hotel reviews
  • Staff are very friendly (3)
    "Staff are very friendly" found in 3 reviews
    • "... Designated bathing resort consisting of 3 hotels. Excursions are sufficiently available. In direct there are but otherwise not much, should one know if you go for one of the Riu' s decision. Staff are very friendly and constantly endeavor everything okay and to keep them clean. Not the newest hotel but ..." 
    • "Was a great stay, and it wasn't missing anything.! Everything was very good! :-) The beach is beautiful, the staff are very friendly and especially very child friendly, our 5-year-old son loved it. We are already looking forward ..." 
    • "Except for the rocky interspersed sandy beach is nothing to fault, very friendly staff, good food with very much selection, clean hotel; the wish ( relaxation- and beach vacation) ..." 
  • good food (2)
    "good food" found in 2 reviews
    • "Except for the rocky interspersed sandy beach is nothing to fault, very friendly staff, good food with very much selection, clean hotel; the wish ( relaxation- and beach vacation) accordingly. " 
    • "In summary a great vacation in a good hotel! Everyone is very friendly, clean and good food! As a tip: excursions you can great when extra tours book! @Linda & Sebastian: in case it read, ..." 
  • good location for excursions (1)
    "good location for excursions" found in 1 review
    • "A really great vacation, even if it from time to time somewhat rained. The staff it creates always a smile and made a the vacation very. Great hotel complex with very good location for excursions. Were now already for the second time within not even a year here and will definitely stay again!" 

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82% recommendation

616 hotel reviews
  • with very friendly staff (4)
    "with very friendly staff" found in 4 reviews
    • "A beautiful beach vacation under palm trees with very friendly staff, which nothing to be desired left. Beautiful green island with a paradise-flair. The ..." 
    • "Great hotel, great service. What else could you want?" 
    • "The hotel complex is overall great. Everything is clean, it is around the hour mopped. The staff are very friendly and helpful, on our request on insect repellant they responded quickly. The room was fumigated, we have a ..." 
    • "... many. Also the hotel offers various offer as water aerobics, Stretching yoga, volleyball, Bocha, horseshoes, dance classes, Steppaerobik etc. The evening entertainment includes spectacular shows. The staff are super friendly and tries each desire to fulfill. For cleanliness and neatness, always respected. To anyone ..." 
  • The food was very good (3)
    "The food was very good" found in 3 reviews
    • "Very beautiful hotel with really nice staff - animation was used on a daily basis and was perfect. Beach is right in the hotel complex integrated. The food was very good but, unfortunately, too much on the American guests adjusted (much pizza, burger and so on) The ..." 
    • "We were very about this hotel enthusiastic. Of course you must try the grups not with Austria or Germany directly comparisons, but it was always clean, the staff are very friendly and the food very good! Also the evening entertainment was diverse and entertaining. All together a very successful ..." 
    • "... Caribbean flair, we were with our choice of the hotel very satisfied. At animation, drinks, food, (spectacular cook on beach and pool) there was nothing to complain about. A massive selection very tasty cocktails, extremely friendly staff, very large and well-kept, clean rooms and outdoor ..." 

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80% recommendation

783 hotel reviews
  • pleasant staff (2)
    "pleasant staff" found in 2 reviews
    • "A very nice Riu-hotel with really pleasant staff. Rooms are very nice, decor already getting old. But it is constantly being renovated and ..." 
    • "The hotel can only recommend. Decor is getting a bit old, but everything was functional and absolutely clean. Very friendly staff. The beer is no Presidente more, and right not enjoyable." 
  • The food is varied (1)
    "The food is varied" found in 1 review
    • "... served as in Europa. Staff of the gardener until the maids tried very hard. Everywhere is very clean. Especially to the meal times are internal controls normal. Accordingly it looks always tidy. The food is varied and of the quality of a high standard."