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Hotel Melia de Mar (5 stars)

in  Illetas


98% recommendation

95 hotel reviews

in  Illetas


95% recommendation

411 hotel reviews
  • Rather small rooms (2)
    "Rather small rooms" found in 2 reviews
    • "... and very attentive and professional. However not so great: too few beach chairs at the pool area, lots of Russians the at 7 o'clock or earlier the loungers reserve, this however only late use... Rather small rooms, too small fridge. Extreme price with cocktails and wine!" 
    • "The Riu Palace is completely newly renovated and we have in a new room used. The bathroom is open and with the bedroom connected, which was not for everyone, but are ..." 
  • The food was magnificent (1)
    "The food was magnificent" found in 1 review
    • "The food was magnificent, Excellence especially during dinner! The staff in the dining room is a operating together ..." 
  • The staff were very good (1)
    "The staff were very good" found in 1 review
    • "This is a very nice hotel, unfortunately the beach is rather far away however by the pool it can be also bear And from there one comes also into the sea The staff were very good The food was also super something for everyone and often theme nights, as well as a gala dinner" 

in  Illetas


94% recommendation

316 hotel reviews
  • Great service (4)
    "Great service" found in 4 reviews
    • "Great service - good food - Bad location" 
    • "The staff were brilliant! The service exemplary, that food 6 of 8 stars. Unfortunately is nearby only a small bay, so ..." 
    • "Breakfast could have been somewhat more diverse, there is a lack of more cheese, fruit salad from the can for a four-star hotel isn't acceptable. Apart from that a clean hotel. Staff very friendly and polite." 
    • "Not very new hotel is clean, the staff very friendly and the food imaginative and tasty. In the sea you can swim, if you access the hotel located ..." 
  • bus stop in right in front of the hotel (2)
    "bus stop in right in front of the hotel" found in 2 reviews
    • "... - no own beach / access to the beach - only pay parking spaces (7,00 Euro/ d ) available - very clean and beautiful suite-safe subject to a charge - while having the windows open traffic through bus stop in right in front of the hotel - breakfast on the terrace in the sun possible - very friendly staff - hotel for pure beach ..." 
    • "... Hitverdächtig. You feel here not as a one of many tourist, but each is individually extremely courteous service. The food is in the morning and evenings very good, even the coffee tastes here. The location is very good, quiet but short distance to Palma you can in any case much experience. We would gladly come again." 
  • a great room (1)
    "a great room" found in 1 review
    • "In this hotel you can spend a wonderful holiday. The TV in the room was unfortunately very small. Otherwise we had a great room with balcony and sea view with sun in the afternoon. The check-in process left nothing to be ..." 

in  Illetas


87% recommendation

150 hotel reviews

in  Illetas


83% recommendation

96 hotel reviews
  • the location is very good (1)
    "the location is very good" found in 1 review
    • "1 week only night you can bear, the location is very good, the service was exceptional. Beach about 10 minutes away on foot, small pub and supermarkets. ..." 
Hotel Bon Sol (4 stars)

in  Illetas


93% recommendation

86 hotel reviews
  • The rooms are big (1)
    "The rooms are big" found in 1 review
    • "... and varied. Dinner was in a different restaurant restaurant. Also the dinner you could in different dishes. You could also at the restaurant by the beach seine meal times take on reservation. The rooms are big, view of the sea or the garden very nice. Of course view of the sea unbeatable, as the entire ..." 

in  Illetas


80% recommendation

128 hotel reviews
  • hotel with good service (1)
    "hotel with good service" found in 1 review
    • "Nice, clean hotel with good service, we would book again at any time the. The buffet with something for everyone. Nice restaurant ..." 
Roc Bouganvilla Hotel (2.5 stars)

in  Illetas


100% recommendation

1 hotel review

in  Illetas


43% recommendation

7 hotel reviews
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