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Hotel Cathrin (4 stars)

in  Ladiko


85% recommendation

816 hotel reviews
  • staff very attentive and friendly (5)
    "staff very attentive and friendly" found in 5 reviews
    • "We will definitely return. The hotel was great nice - the pool is a dream, the staff very attentive and friendly. The proximity to 2 wonderful Bays is perfect. The water is crystal clear. To the sandy beach ..." 
    • "Peaceful location, good service, pleasant staff" 
    • "Peaceful location, good service, pleasant staff" 
    • "... evening should you for 8 €per person vent. It was nothing special offered, what it's not about the days on normal buffet gave. The breakfast buffet was not as extensive as the evenings but OK, the staff were friendly and attentive. We enjoyed the vacation with a rental car made, time to get out of, what our mood came out. ..." 
    • "So we can Hotel Cathrin on Rhodos only in the highly praised. The hotel employees ( front desk, restaurant, bar...) were all very friendly, the pool, as well as the room were very nice and always clean and the view from the room ( ..." 
  • well situated hotel (4)
    "well situated hotel" found in 4 reviews
    • "Nice, quiet, comfortable and well situated hotel - German-English embossed food - variety of food could have been better and local-super evening ..." 
    • "Hotel in a great location for 1 week beach vacation" 
    • "Great hotel in a peaceful location" 
    • "Great beach vacation with great hotel!" 
  • the food was also really good (2)
    "the food was also really good" found in 2 reviews
    • "... to settle. The Wassertopfen from shower and water tap you can almost count. The water is very hard and water is in Greece a precious good. However the staff were on the whole very friendly and the food was also really good. But you should in any case rent a car, as you apart from that evenings nothing more really the ..." 
    • "... Catrin we can not hesitate to recommend it. A very well run hotel with very friendly Staff ( in our experience every day several times to our satisfaction asked) and good English and German. The food was varied and for our taste good. The pool area very well-kept and chairs are abundant, so that one only ..."