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Hotel Cathrin (4 stars)

in  Ladiko


84% recommendation

831 hotel reviews
  • well situated hotel (3)
    "well situated hotel" found in 3 reviews
    • "Nice, quiet, comfortable and well situated hotel - German-English embossed food - variety of food could have been better and local-super evening ..." 
    • "Hotel in a great location for 1 week beach vacation" 
    • "Great hotel in a peaceful location" 
  • the food was also really good (2)
    "the food was also really good" found in 2 reviews
    • "... to settle. The Wassertopfen from shower and water tap you can almost count. The water is very hard and water is in Greece a precious good. However the staff were on the whole very friendly and the food was also really good. But you should in any case rent a car, as you apart from that evenings nothing more really the ..." 
    • "... Catrin we can not hesitate to recommend it. A very well run hotel with very friendly Staff ( in our experience every day several times to our satisfaction asked) and good English and German. The food was varied and for our taste good. The pool area very well-kept and chairs are abundant, so that one only ..." 
  • the staff are great (2)
    "the staff are great" found in 2 reviews
    • "Not a four star hotel, the staff are great!" 
    • "We will definitely return. The hotel was great nice - the pool is a dream, the staff very attentive and friendly. The proximity to 2 wonderful Bays is perfect. The water is crystal clear. To the sandy beach ..."