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87% recommendation

1473 hotel reviews
  • fine cuisine (9)
    "fine cuisine" found in 9 reviews
    • "That was a really beautiful week and it was in spite of the early time pleasant stay. The super fine cuisine ****Respect ** ** left nothing to desire. The serving staff very professional, well trained and ..." 
    • "Great hotel with beautiful Bay and other nearby. Very good food and really beautiful complex the very well maintained is. Beautiful location on the edge the ..." 
    • "Super clean hotel complex, very nice Bay with sandy beach, 5 * for the staff, restaurant very attractive with very good food, pool very clean, animation in case wished available." 
    • "A very nice extensive large hotel complex with very many pool areas and gym facilities. Diving right in the hotel complex with a very nice competent snorkeling instructors. Very good food and 24 hour all inclusive the possibilities to eating and drinking! We would always fly there ..." 
    • "Great beautifully terraced complex. Edüllische no Bay. Super good food. Very clean and tidy. Service immaculate. I was really surprised. The value for money was ..." 
  • great animation (8)
    "great animation" found in 8 reviews
    • "For a family vacation a very nice hotel complex. Who beach- and pool vacation want to make, is right at home here. Totally friendly, and a great animation team! The loungers by the pool in the morning until 10 o'clock completed; therefore not ..." 
    • "A very well maintained hotel complex with excellent service and professional, very friendly staff, in the largest stress not the overview and its ..." 
    • "... field, on the evenings always spontaneous games were held. A very large compliment from our side also at the entertainment team from Neckermann. Thanks to Fabi, Maria, Sabrina and Chiara. You do a great job. We will come back without fail!" 
    • "... shoes not a problem. The water was super clear And you can prima snorkeling. If you like fine sandy like, can the Cala mondrago in about 15. Minutes On foot reach. The staff at the hotel do a great job, all are very friendly and always make an effort The guest a great vacation possible. Who ..." 
    • "We had a wonderful vacation in a great hotel. The staff was polite and helpful. The kitchen of the hotel was of culinary delicacies hardly to beat. We would ..." 
  • Good value for money (6)
    "Good value for money" found in 6 reviews
    • "Good value for money" 
    • "Great value for money." 
    • "A great very clean hotel great friendly staff. As something further away from the city rather suitable for families. Very saubee complex top clean rooms rich selection of dishes Always fresh" 
    • "Great family vacation - gladly again:-)" 
    • "... and always make an effort The guest a great vacation possible. Who however gladly shop or evenings stroll is In the wrong place, there the complex lonely in the nature reserve. The club is very well suited for families, couple And singles will definitely not feel so welcome, since the lots of children the ..." 

in  Cala Mondrago


92% recommendation

65 hotel reviews
  • Good breakfast (1)
    "Good breakfast" found in 1 review
    • "... between nature reserve and beach we were very Comfortable. During the day it is quite busy through the popular beach Cala Mondrago. Evenings and in the morning wonderful Relaxing silence. Good breakfast on the terrace with a view of the bay and the nature reserve. Had a great nights sleep and us ..." 
  • friendly owners (1)
    "friendly owners" found in 1 review
    • "... the high season is this very well done. Long walks in beautiful nature and the possibility on the cliffs a place for me to find where I peace could happen, combined with a very pleasant hotel and friendly owners/ staff me well done. The people, the in this hotel vacation made, consistently very nice ..." 

in  Cala Mondrago


93% recommendation

44 hotel reviews
  • the view is great (1)
    "the view is great" found in 1 review
    • "... and a large terrace. But also the rooms in the main building are tastefully and very individually decorated. It is worthwhile, a superior room in the upper floor with a terrace to book, the view is great. The food, especially the breakfast is very selected, everything freshly prepared and if ..." 
  • large terrace (1)
    "large terrace" found in 1 review
    • "... We always room 11 and with a lively 4-year old is the perfect, since the room somewhat off the beaten track of the main building is. It is also very spacious with a small kitchenette and a large terrace. But also the rooms in the main building are tastefully and very individually decorated. It is ..." 
Hotel Condemar (1 star)

in  Cala Mondrago


94% recommendation

87 hotel reviews
  • a hotel located in a peaceful area (3)
    "a hotel located in a peaceful area" found in 3 reviews
    • "... beds are rather less quality, however all together what one with a star would expect. Recommendable for this hotel the hiring of a cars. Supermarkets and sights are a bit further away. Who a hotel located in a peaceful area for a beach vacation searches is in the right place here!" 
    • "Very good cheap hotel in beautiful environment" 
    • "Reasonably priced vacation in beautiful environment. However it will during the day very crowded. Package tourists fall from 09:30 A. M. on the ..." 
  • flatscreen tv (1)
    "flatscreen tv" found in 1 review
    • "... the nature park mondrago. In the hotel itself it is really Mallorcin rustic. Just was, but nevertheless nicely decorated. In the room I have a picture on the wall miss it, it is a 56 centimeters flatscreen tv with three German tv-channels. If no guests with children in the hotel are, it was very quiet, ..." 
  • the staff very friendly (1)
    "the staff very friendly" found in 1 review
    • "A hotel for the undemanding. It is terribly noisy. The rooms are simple but functional and the staff very friendly. The area by the nature reserve just great." 

in  Cala Mondrago

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