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Hotel Mohr (3 stars)

in  Toeplitz Island


76% recommendation

43 hotel reviews
  • fine cuisine (2)
    "fine cuisine" found in 2 reviews
    • "... The room had Afrika-decoration, which is not fit. Surprisingly nice the bathroom was with corner bath tub and modern design. The staff were nice and helpful. Everything was clean. The described fine cuisine I can't confirm. We didn't eat there. The restaurant area was optically as the whole hotel ..." 
    • "Very recommendable massage by a very knowledgeable physiotherapist. The breakfast buffet is very good and the friendliness and willingness to help of the staff is really not to beat." 
  • friendly staff (2)
    "friendly staff" found in 2 reviews
    • "Old, outdated hotel with tradition and friendly staff. The rooms had high walls and at sleep was open window on the main street hardly to be thought. ..." 
    • "... as the beauty treatment. The hotel normally creates the impression mostly in artisanal initiative developed were to be. Some details are good, other again very adventurous resolved. The staff were friendly and eager to help, even if the outfit partly to smile about. The choice and quality the breakfast and dinner was ..." 

in  Toeplitz Island

0 hotel reviews

in  Toeplitz Island

0 hotel reviews
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