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96% recommendation

138 hotel reviews
  • The service is good (2)
    "The service is good" found in 2 reviews
    • "... Stone floors. Of course it's not with a German Kempinsky -hotel comparable, but the ambience is for Egyptian standards very noble and the hotel include, in my view, to the top hotels in Egypt. The service is good. But, you can't just water in the supermarket get, the does not exist. For breakfast, there is ..." 
    • "... has in the neighboring hotel ( Crown Plaza) took place, which we found to be very pleasant. The food could have been a bit varied can be, it was mainly arabic food-that should you like. The staff were always friendly and helpful. Strolling is very recommendable, although port ghalib is still in its infancy-after an hour ..." 

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83% recommendation

141 hotel reviews

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77% recommendation

196 hotel reviews

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74% recommendation

50 hotel reviews
  • big room (1)
    "big room" found in 1 review
    • "Beautiful green complex, big room and a great nearby reef the major advantages of this complex. In terms of cleanliness, ..." 
  • The food was good (1)
    "The food was good" found in 1 review
    • "... burst and the pool dirty. The service in the restaurant was bad, the low number of tables was never set, served only who attracted attention made, the cleanliness the tables left to be desired. The food was good but not very varied. A nice vacation overall with drawbacks." 

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73% recommendation

224 hotel reviews

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Hotel Jannah Beach (5 stars)

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