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83% recommendation

1029 hotel reviews
  • with good value for money (6)
    "with good value for money" found in 6 reviews
    • "... per cent occupied. The beach is very beautiful, the water mostly clean-if the wind did not send in the bay is and Plastikunrat reingespült is, but it was only 1 time Sunday All together a complex with good value for money, good suitable for families, if the expectations not vast high and you a confused Ant in the ..." 
    • "Very good value for money. For a relaxed vacation with children very recommendable. Beautiful small bungalows in a shaded ..." 
    • "Great family vacation the kids loved it, they want come back next year. The complex would be a dream, is ..." 
    • "Great family vacation" 
    • "Great hotel for families with children." 
  • Good food (5)
    "Good food" found in 5 reviews
    • "... loved it, they want come back next year. The complex would be a dream, is unfortunately very old, room without air conditioning and slightly musty, beds worn out. Should newly renovated will. Good food, something for everybody, drinks ok, cocktails not enjoyable. Beach very nice, only for lunch ..." 
    • "A wonderful relaxing vacation with a dreamlike Bay. For families with kids, the hotel is very suitable, however for couples rather less recommendable! The largest point of criticism was the little varied food and frequent crowd for everyone." 
    • "Beach, good food, the rest rather bad" 
    • "... a bit old. Animation there was for all, from very small to very big ( Daycare center, beach volleyball, Windsurfing, archery etc.) and also the entertainers were pleasant and accommodating. The food was really great, some of the meals were always in sight of the guests freshly prepared and even if I sometimes ..." 
    • "The hotel and it's facilities are clean, the food was varied and delicious. The entertainment for kids was perfect ( our kids there are sometimes very special). A downer: ..." 
  • friendly and helpful staff (4)
    "friendly and helpful staff" found in 4 reviews
    • "... tidy. The rooms are sufficiently equipped - luck every, whose room not completely in the sun is. Air conditioning does not exist - there is a ceiling fan, the then constant operation runs. Always friendly and helpful staff. Location the hotel is remote, very quiet and right on the bay with sandy beach. If you ..." 
    • "The hotel is somewhat dustily, but the staff are very accommodating. The complex is families with small children recommendable, otherwise you should't go there. ..." 
    • "... away from pool and beach away. On arrival we were very nice, with sparkling wine and orange juice receive and in the evening from the head waiter and manager welcomes. The service personnel all very friendly and tried very hard. In case of any problems will quickly remedied. The kitchen it creates ..." 
    • "Staff are very friendly and efficient, food is with the time a bit boring, dinner in 2 layers, 1. Layer around 18:30 ..." 

in  Cala Romantica


93% recommendation

29 hotel reviews
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