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94% recommendation

330 hotel reviews
  • fine cuisine (5)
    "fine cuisine" found in 5 reviews
    • "A very lovely vacation altogether! We were culinary and wellness technically very pampered. I have seldom so fine cuisine enjoyed! There is not only Italian cuisine, but also Barbecues and very tasty desserts! A ..." 
    • "Very delicious food" 
    • "It is worthwhile alone because of the good food the hotel again to book. The water by the smell very took some getting used to. Apart from ..." 
    • "... for wellness. Staff totally nice and friendly. The hotel lies on the country, but by car and bus easy to reach. Bus station directly in front of the house. A very strong praise at the kitchen, perfect food. " 
    • "... in the restaurant was not yet times a star. Except a hingenuscheltem 'meal' came unfortunately nothing from the restaurant professional. Empty glasses were only after painful call again. However the food was very, very good - the chef has at least deserved its stars. Unfortunately you as Restaurantgast ..." 
  • the friendliness of the staff (4)
    "the friendliness of the staff" found in 4 reviews
    • "We were very pleasant of the hotel's atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff, the good atmosphere, as well as the beautiful wellness landscape surprised and pleased. The ..." 
    • "Fantastic food - great/ pleasant staff - gorgeous area - wellness area - outdoor area ( park ) clean and tidy - invited to dream! ..." 
    • "Highly recommendable, very friendly staff" 
    • "I very comfortable and the hotel can recommend to anyone! Great service at front desk, table, room. Excellent food, nice service. Wellness area very nice and good! ..." 
  • Very good value for money (2)
    "Very good value for money" found in 2 reviews
    • "Very good value for money" 
    • "Definitely recommendable for a short stay or long-term. Kitchen is absolutely great with a great value for money. Wellness offer extensive, massage, beauty, Saunas and so on" 

in  Fürstenzell


100% recommendation

9 hotel reviews
Ferienhof Urlhardt (0 stars)

in  Fürstenzell

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