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86% recommendation

351 hotel reviews
  • Very clean hotel with friendly staff (4)
    "Very clean hotel with friendly staff" found in 4 reviews
    • "Absolutely brilliant vacation on a small dreamlike Island! Very good German snorkeling instructor and German Wassersportanimateur. Very clean hotel with friendly staff ( unfortunately only of English ) " 
    • "... relaxed. Food, beach, pool, as well as rooms were just amazing. Especially it was on the island very quiet, which we really enjoyed. The 'wall' was not to overlooked, nevertheless you can't. staff were very friendly and willing to help" 
    • "After the Sri Lanka-round trip we have on the island very good and on the complex felt really good. The staff were very friendly and always endeavors our wishes to fulfill. The villas offer a lots of space and particularly ..." 
    • "... also a technician who reported to us that the compressor was broken we gladly bungalow can change, however on the other and this is not at all and thus we with the air conditioning reckoned. Staff were very friendly, accommodating and helpful. Also about the buffet one can't complain. The bungalows were in ..." 
  • The food was very (2)
    "The food was very" found in 2 reviews
    • "... scheduling on the way back. 7 hours waiting time at the airport in male are unreasonable and ultimately a day of vacation cost. Here must mountains & sea, as well as the hotel improve clearly. The food was very, very good and the rooms clean, with great bathroom with outdoor shower. Unfortunately, the ..." 
    • "... be arranged. There is even worse. The wall is to protect the island. No masterpiece, but served their purpose. And so bad, it is really not. The stonework could in any case the vacation not bad. The food is good, selection was ( especially at the breakfast buffet) not the brüller. But tasty, super! Our ..." 

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88% recommendation

57 hotel reviews