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Holiday facts and information about Belek

General facts

Trip Preparation

Trip preparation

Trip preparation

Location The Turkish resort of Belek is situated 35 km east of Antalya. Huge pine trees and eucalyptus are prevailing. If you are lucky, you can see sea turtles that lay eggs into the sand. Belek is situated on a fertile plain near the sea, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Excellent transport connections make it easy to access larger cities or go on an adventurous expedition to the back-country. Many golf courses attract golfers from around the world. The wide sandy beach has a gentle descent into the water. In Belek there are many bars, discos and clubs, thus nightlife is rich and varied. Today, the region offers a variety of leisure and recreational facilities and hotels. The vast majority of them are very modern hotels.

General information

There are 2 airports in Antalya. One of them is located so closed to city center which is Antalya International Airport and the other (Gazipaşa Airport) is located 175 Km away from main city center.Antalya International Airport is located 12 km away from city center ( Kaleici - Old City) and 25 km from Antalya Main Harbour. There are a few ways you can get from Antalya Airport to City Center or other region of Antalya. Let s have a look at them, so you can go by; AIRPORT TAXI SERVICE By taxi is without doubt the fastest way to leave from Antalya Airport but it is not necessarily the fastest way to get to your destination because of the high coast. It can drive you nuts and usually taxi drivers mostly do not speak any language and insufficient to find the adresses especially in the narrow streets of old city or other regions to drive more and to make more money.Also as you walk out of the main entrance of the terminals, there is always a long queue of taxis waiting to take you to your final destination.The taxis 90 pourcent are 3 seater and there is not enought place for lugguages... There are taxis 7/24 all year long and they will always have change of a 20 Euro note ( This is your right as a customer ) But any bigger note than that, could cause you problems when paying especially late at night. The taxi meter should be in a visible position and it should start at the beginning of the journey and stop as soon as you reach your destination. If the meter is not on you are not obliged to pay the minimum fare unless otherwise agreed before hand.Eating, drinking and smoking are forbidden (Note that smoking become illegal in any enclosed public in Turkey.)See below some of the taxi price from Antalya Airport depending to the final destination:For hotels in Lara, it costs approximently 25-30 Euro for 3 seater vehicleFor hotels in Belek, it costs approximently 50-60 Euro for 3 seater vehicleFor hotels in Side, it costs approximently 75-85 Euro for 3 seater vehicleFor hotels in Kaleici, it costs approximently 30-35 Euro for 3 seater vehicleFor hotels in Alanya, it costs approximently 85-90 Euro for 3 seater vehicleFor hotels in Kemer, it costs approximently 75-85 Euro for 3 seater vehicleFor hotels in Tekirova, it costs approximently 90-95 Euro for 3 seater vehicle PUBLİC BUS SERVİCE There is local public bus going to Antalya City Center once in very half hour. It is going until Main bus station. it costs 4 Turkish Lira ( almost 2 Euro) per person. it takes around 1 hour trip from Airport to last station. It is moving from domestic terminal and international terminal 2. it doesn t exist in terminal 1. You can have public bus from last station to go to Kemer, Tekirova, Belek, Side, Alanya or other regions of Antalya. The trip takes long time by bus and especially on summer time, it is irresistible with the lugguage... PRIVATE AIRPORT TRANSFER SERVICE COMPAGNY The airport transfer service is, as you may have already guessed, a private service. You prebook these service mostly online from internet, the price depends on destination as it is private. That way is one of the fastest and most cheapest way to arrive to final destination. They work any time of the day. They are fully insured and they give receipt also after payment. You pay the cost mantionned on the voucher.There are a vairety of airport transfer providers such as:

Best travel time

Belek is a fantastic place to spend your holidays, especially between May and late September. July and August are the record-breaking months with temperatures often exceeding 35°C.

Country and People

Country and People


Turkey has a rich history. Turkish Riviera does not differ here from the rest of the country. In the cities you can feel the atmosphere of the ancient ages. Belek's origins date back to the fourth century BC. For years, it was under the influence of first, the Hellenes and later, the Romans. Different periods are reflected in the architecture of the city.

Traditions and Culture

In Belek, you can find a lot of loud and noisy places, like the great marketplace. The Turks do not like silence. Definitely not. Car horns, calling waiters, taunts on the street. It should be noted, however, that the residents have a very friendly attitude towards tourists. Most of the time Turkish people spend at the pool or on the beach. Anyway, it is difficult to have an extremely active lifestyle with the prevailing temperatures in Turkey, especially in the south.

Discover and Enjoy

Discover and enjoy


When you are in Belek, you need to explore the available activities offered by the region. Among them are: Aspendos - with a magnificent ancient theater. Kalesi - a medieval castle located close to Antalya. Perge - historic settlement, in which you can admire the remains of a theater, a stadium and the greatest curiosity: the Roman and Hellenistic gate. Side - a very interesting city with a whole lot of historic buildings. Ancient Anamurium - founded by Phoenician ruins of the city located near the town of Anamur. Manavgat waterfall - lying 4 km from Manavgat city, located near the Ottoman bridge, with five arches and ruins of a Roman aqueduct. Trip to the nearby Antalya - a beautiful city with a lot of historic treasures.


Culinary specialties of the region are rich and diverse. Many local dishes stem from traditions and are an inheritance of the Ottoman Turks. An example of the modern Turkish cuisine is known throughout the world: Kebab. Another popular dish is Meze. For dessert, it is mandatory to try the Baklava, a walnut cake soaked in plenty of honey.