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Holiday facts and information about Kemer

General facts

Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation

Kemer is a seaside resort which is situated in the Antalya Province of Turkey. Located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, it is about 25 miles to the west of the city of Antalya, in a region often described as the 'Turkish Riviera'.

General information

By plane Antalya Airport is the nearest international airport to Kemer, located about 26 miles to the northeast. This journey usually takes an hour or so by car or taxi. Although there is no direct airport shuttle, there is a three-hour bus transfer available. Yellow taxis set a price of around 135 Turkish Lira to take visitors from Antalya Airport to Kemer. There are also pick-up taxi services available, though many of these will require booking in advance.


Turkish is the first language of the inhabitants of Kemer, though first time visitors may be surprised to see the town displaying a welcome sign in Russian as well as Turkish. This is due to the high number of Russian visitors who come here. As Antalya is also a popular place among visitors from northern and western Europe, English and German are spoken by many locals, at least at a basic level.

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Kemer has a climate which is typical of the eastern Mediterranean, with long, dry summers and temperatures which are as high as 100°F or even higher. Winters are mild, but most of the region's rainfall occurs during this season. June, July and August are the hottest months of the summer, though May and September can also bring very warm weather. During the summer, there are often only one or two rainy days a month.

Country and People

Country and People


Kemer was not connected by roads with the rest of Turkey until the 1960s, when the first road was built. Up until that point, Kemer had largely been accessible only by sea. From the 1980s onwards, a substantial investment in the town’s infrastructure was made. It was also subsidized by the World Bank, which turned the region into the tourist destination that it is today. Kemer was simply known as Eski Köy, or 'Old Village', until 1917. Then, a 14 mile-long stone wall was built for channeling water in order to irrigate local farmland and protect the village from flooding. After that, the Old Village called Eski Köy was renamed Kemer, which means ‘aqueduct’ in Turkish.


Natural beauty remains one of the biggest attractions of Kemer. There is an Eco Park nearby in the neighboring village Camyuva. Visitors, who wish to observe protected landscape, can therefore easily reach this Eco Park. The landscape is a combination of stunning ocean views and mountain vistas, as well as pine forests and picturesque bays. There are many beaches nearby, but many of them are covered with rocky shingle rather than sand.

Getting around

Getting around


The bus service in Kemer is frequent and relatively efficient. A ride from the town to the beach typically costs around one Turkish Lira. Taxis are also usually available and cheap. In addition, some of the beaches and restaurants offer a pick-up service, which will also return visitors back to their accommodation.

Discover and Enjoy

Discover and Enjoy


Apart from the usual tourist locations that are typical for a resort like Kemer, there are some sites of historic interest located nearby. Mount Chimaera is situated in the Olympos region about 22 miles away from Kemer. Many scholars believe that it is the origin for the myth of the Chimaera. Due to volcanic activity, the stones are burning at Mount Chimaera. The ancient city of Olympos is also worth a visit because of its Ancient Greek and Roman history. Visitors can see Roman baths and a cemetery among other ancient monuments here. In addition, it is possible to travel on a cable car, which connects a station on the ground with the summit of Mount Tahtali. At its summit, Mount Tahtali is 7,760 ft high and visitors have a panoramic view of the area.


Nearby Ovacik offers a downhill mountain bike trail for mountain bikers, while other visitors may prefer to try some canyoning. The latter takes place at Kuzdere Passage. Companies offering canyoning often pick up customers directly from their hotels. There is also a 320-yacht capacity marina, for those visitors who prefer sailing during their vacation.


There are four nightclubs in Kemer. They are located in the center of the town, close to the clock tower. Usually, they are open from 10pm until 4am during the summer and often, famous singers perform at these venues.