Toulouse - Holiday facts and Information

Holiday facts and information about Toulouse

General facts

Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation


The language spoken in Toulouse is French however most locals also speak English and other European languages.


The currency in Toulouse is Euros.

Best travel time

Toulouse has an oceanic temperature climate with a touch of a humid subtropical climate. Toulouse however, is located within the Mediterranean climate zone. The summers in Toulouse last from June to August with temperatures ranging from 20 °C to 30 °C. The temperature during winter ranges from 0 °C to 10 °C. During Spring and Autumn the temperate ranges from 10 °C to 25 °C.

Visa requirements

When travelling to Toulouse there are no requirements for a visa. You will have to bring a valid passport.


There are no special vaccinations necessary when travelling to Toulouse other than the standard vaccinations.


Toulouse has very good reception therefore you will have no problem using your domestic telephone.

Country and People

Country and People

Traditions and Culture

Customs / Culture / Traditions Toulouse is very rich in diverse culture. It is known as the “Ville Rose” for its unique architecture. It also has a very interesting graffiti scene. Since 1736 there has been a theater “Théatre du Capitole” in Toulouse at which has many opera and ballet performances. In the “Halle aux Grains” the “Orchestre National du Capitole” have performed in association with Michel Plasson. Toulouse is also the unofficial capital of “Occitan culture”.


Toulouse has a variety of people of different religions. About 88% are Catholic, 2% protestant, 1% Jewish, 5% Muslim and about 4% unaffiliated.

Getting around

Getting around

By bus

In Toulouse there is an extensive bus system which rotates around the area. The Toulouse Metro is a “VAL” metro system. This metro is extremely convenient to travel with as it rotates in and out of Toulouse. Since 2007 there is also a city-wide bicycle rental system which can be rented at automated stations for as long as one wishes, daily, weekly monthly and even for a whole year.

By plane

There are two airports in Toulouse the principal one “Toulouse Blagnac” and “Toulouse Lasbordes”. Both have international and domestic flights coming in and out on a daily basis. From both airports it is possible to rent a car.

By taxi

Taxis can be found at taxi stations or on the road and can also be order by the hotel resort or by calling the taxi service.

Discover and Enjoy

Discover and Enjoy


There are many sights to be seen in Toulouse ranging from Castles to Museums to Religious building etc.: -Capitole de Toulouse -Banks of the Garonne -Pont Neuf -Chateau d’eau -Saint-Pierre bridge -Insitut national des sciences appliquées Museums: - Musée Georges Labit -Musée des Augustins -Les Abattoirs -Musée Saint-Raymond Religious buildings: -Saint-Sernin Basilica -Notre-Dame du Taur church -Saint-Étienne cathedral -Daurade basilica There are many more things one can see in Toulouse.


 There are many events occurring monthly in Toulouse in addition to the many national public holidays. Some events include: -Toulouse International Fair (in March) -Festival Flamenco (in April) -Fetes des Berges et du Vélo (in May) -Toulouse Festival of Children’s theatre (in June) -Electronic Siestas Festival (in July) -Toulouse d’été (in August) - Cinespana (in September) -Festival Occitània (in October) -The Christmas Market (in early December)


Toulouse’s culinary specialties include “Saucisses de Toulouse” which is a type of herb sausage, “Cassoulet Toulousain” which consists of pork and bean stew, “garbure” which is a cabbage soup with poultry and one of the most popular specialties which is very French is “foie gras” which is the liver of an overfed duck or goose.

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