Atlanta - Holiday facts and Information

Holiday facts and information about Atlanta

General facts

Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation


The primary language spoken in Atlanta is English.


The currency in Atlanta is the USD.

Best travel time

Atlanta has a humid subtropical climate. The summers are hot and humid with temperatures ranging 30°C to 38°C; the winters are mild and occasionally cold with temperatures ranging from 5°C to 10°C. Spring and autumn temperatures range from 10°C to 25°C.

Visa requirements

In order to travel to Atlanta non-US citizens are required to have a Visa. This can be acquired at your local embassy and has to be ordered prior to travelling. It is also necessary to bring a valid passport.


Other than the standard vaccinations, no other vaccinations are necessary

Country and People

Country and People

Traditions and Culture

Atlanta’s culture has adapted to the strictly southern culture due to high migrants coming from other parts of the US and other foreign areas. Atlanta has become very international and at the “High Museum of Art” one can get a taste of the unique culture. One of the most known traditions in Atlanta just as in the whole of USA is the 4th of July. In Atlanta this holiday is a strong tradition and celebrated with fireworks and lots more.


The majority of people living in Atlanta are Christians.

Getting around

Getting around

By bus

Atlanta’s subway system is one of the most known in the country, it is operated by “Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority”. The rail system is also from the same operator and connects to many different destinations. Therefore travelling via train will bring you almost everywhere. Atlanta is also known for its electric streetcars which have replaced buses. These will also bring you to many locations within Atlanta.

By plane

The main Airport in Atlanta is “Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport” which has international and domestic flights coming in and out on a daily basis. This airport offers a variety of transportation services including airport shuttle vans, car rental offices and taxi services.

By taxi

Taxis can be found at any taxi stand or on the road. They can also be ordered by the hotel resort or by calling the central taxi service.

Discover and Enjoy

Discover and Enjoy


There is a lot to discover, explore and see in Atlanta, however some of the main sights worth seeing include: - The world of Coca-Cola - Georgia Aquarium - Inside CNN Atlanta - The Children’s Museum of Atlanta - The Continental Olympic Park - Zoo Atlanta - Fernbank Museum of Natural History - Stone Mountain Park - Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site - Margaret Mitchell House - Jimmy Carter Library & Museum


There are so many events in Atlanta with something of interest for everyone. However the most popular events include: - Anime Weekend Atlanta - Atlanta Dogwood Festival - Atlanta Film Festival - Atlanta Jazz Festival - Children’s Christmas Parade - Festival of Trees - Georgia Renaissance Festival - Greek Festival - JordonCon - Passion Play - Screen on the Green - Southeastern Flower show - St. Patrick’s Day Parade - TimeGate - Tour de Georgia - Virginia-Highland Summerfest


The cuisine in Atlanta consists of a mix or urban establishments; however tradition local food is specialized in a southern taste. One of Atlanta’s most famous fast food chains is “The Varsity”. Some of Atlanta’s specialties are “Colonnade” and “Horseradish Grill”.

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