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Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation

Passport / Visa Passports or ID cards are required for French citizens and people from the rest of the European Union. A visa is required for citizens of all other nations. Health There are no specific health risks in Reunion. No vaccinations are necessary before coming, except for those passengers flying in from a country currently affected by cholera or yellow fever. There is no malaria in Reunion, but it’s still advised to protect yourself well from mosquito bites. The advanced medical and pharmaceutical network means that it’s easy to get your hands on all kinds of medicine and hygiene products. Protect your children from the sun, especially on the beach and up in the mountains (sun cream, long-sleeved t-shirts and headgear). For long drives up in the mountains, it is prudent to take preventative measures against carsickness. Tip : buy pre-paid cards when you arrive. Internet: most hotels have internet access but you often have to pay. There are cybercafés and other places like mediatheques with net access. Free WiFi in towns is developing, especially in shopping centres and malls. Electricity: current of 220/240 volts at 50 hertz. Wall sockets take plugs with two pins like those used in mainland France.   http://www.reunion.fr/


Currency is Euro €. There are cash points all over the island.


Dialing code + 262 if you are calling from outside of France (and not + 33). There are three local mobile operators, (Orange, SFR, Only) and roaming is possible with operators in mainland France and many other countries. Be careful though, as the cost of roaming can be high. Whether making or receiving calls, each one is billed as if you were in another country in Europe.

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