Cabarete - Holiday facts and Information

Holiday facts and information about Cabarete

General facts

Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation


The official language spoken in Cabarete is Spanish however, English is also widely spoken in the tourist centers.


The currency in Cabarete is the Dominican Republic Peso (DOP).

Best travel time

Cabarete has a Tropical climate leading to the weather being sunny throughout the whole year with a temperature ranging from 28°C to 35°C the whole year. Due to the location of Cabarete there is a strong eastern wind over the city.

Visa requirements

Depending on which country you come from you might need a visa, however when coming from most European countries a visa is not required to enter Cabarete. One has to bring a valid passport and will need to obtain a Tourist Card upon arrival.


Other than the standard vaccinations, when travelling to Cabarete there are no special vaccinations needed.

Country and People

Country and People

Traditions and Culture

Cabarete is a city on the coast within the Dominican Republic and is known to be the city of Kite surfing and windsurfing. There is not a lot of cultural and historical scenery in this city as it is mainly known for its beaches and the watersports.


The dominant religion amongst most inhabitants in Cabarete is Catholicism.

Getting around

Getting around

By bus

Most areas in Cabarete are all in walking distances, however there are some public transportation services such as the “motoconchos” which are motorcycle taxis, these are cheap and fast, other services are the “Guaguas” which are mini-van buses that simply pick you up on the road and drop you of on the road.

By plane

In order to get to Cabarete the nearest airport is “Puerto Plata Airport” which lies about 15 km away from Cabarete city center. Other nearby airports include “Santiago Airport” about 1.5hours away and “Santo Domingo Airport” which lies about 3.5 hours away. All three airports receive international and domestic flights flying in and out on a daily basis. From each you can rent a car which you should order in advance.

By taxi

Individual taxis can be found at the airport or can be ordered via the central taxi service or from the hotel one is staying at. It is recommended to negotiate a fixed price with the driver.

Discover and Enjoy

Discover and Enjoy

Discover and enjoy

Events / Lifestyle In Cabarete most things revolve around water sports especially kite surfing and windsurfing therefore most events and the lifestyle of the locals revolves around this too. Throughout the year some events include: - Lasrer Midwinter Regatta, - Master of the Ocean, - Cabarete Annual Sand Castle Competition, - Cabarete Classic Windsurfing Event - The Butterfly Effect Cabarete - The Dominican Republic Jazz Festival


In Cabarete there are not many sights to see. The main things to do in this city is going to the beach and go Kite surfing and Windsurfing as this is what Cabarete is known for.


Culinary specialties in Cabarete include the drink “Mamajuan” which consist of natural herbs and leaves. The local cuisine consists of seafood dishes freshly caught from the sea and fresh vegetables. A local specialty is a dish which consists of Tandoori chicken, curried goat, vegetable curries and homemade chutneys served on banana leaves.