Marmaris - Holiday facts and Information

Holiday facts and information about Marmaris

General facts

Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation


Turkish is the official language, written from left to right, but you can easily communicate in English, Russian or German. :)


The currency is Turkish Lira.


No vaccinations are not recommended.

Country and People

Country and People


Marmaris is one of the most developed cities on the Turkish Aegean coast. Modern buildings here obscure the old city center. The city consists of many narrow streets. The marina in Marmaris is considered one of the biggest ones throughout Turkey.


99% of the Turkish population are Muslim. Most of them are highly religious. The most important point of their belief is that God is the one and Muhammad is God's prophet. Muslim people pray five times a day, fast during Ramadan (according to the Muslim calendar) and take place in a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once. However, Turkish Islam is more liberal than in other countries. During Ramadan, restaurants are not closed. Ramadan is usually a rather quiet period in Turkey.

Getting around

Getting around

By bus

The most popular public transportation is the so-called dolmus. Transfer by dolmus is cheap, prices are fixed, but you can always try to bargain. The best decision is to pay the fee when getting off. If you are interested in doing a longer trip, you can also take normal buses.

By taxi

Taxis are also available, and each has a taximeter, so when the driver takes you to a place, only pay the price given by the meter. You may also try to bargain a little bit.

Discover and Enjoy

Discover and Enjoy


Marmaris is a town located off the coast of the Aegean Sea. In Marmaris, you will not find too many sights besides the fortress located in the center of the city, which serves as a museum (collections from the times of antiquity and the Ottoman era.) Most tourists come to Marmaris for entertainment. Bar Street is a street in the old town of Marmaris, where there are a lot of clubs, discos and bars. You could say that this is one big party. No wonder that most young people are visiting Marmaris' really fancy nightlife. The streets of Marmaris are filled with tourists. A short distance from Bar Street is the port where you can find the luxury yachts. It is the largest marina in Turkey and can accommodate about 700 boats. Bouncing from the port, we can enter the streets where the bazaar is located and you find everything you could wish for, starting with clothing, and ending with the "leather" bags. If you want to relax after a playful night on Bar Street, you might want to go to the beach located in the center of Marmaris, near the statue of Ataturk. Beaches around Marmaris are rather sandy - pebble. But this is not a terrible gravel, but sand is not as golden as in some other places. Rather, it has a tone of gray here. If you want to spend time in Marmaris, but prefer a quiet holiday, then I suggest Icmeler (Marmaris district). It is located west of downtown and is a new hotel district. All hotels in this part of Marmaris have very nice beaches, not too broad, but enough to relax and catch a little mahogany color. Those of you who like to explore, I propose Marmaris as a start for a tour to Rhodes. From the port of Icmeler, a catamaran departs daily to Rhodes. Also, you can find sea turtles in that area.


Turkey is a country of rich culture. Major holidays are national holidays, such as: January 1 - New Year April 23 - Independence Day and the Day of the Child. According to the provisions of Ataturk, the day was devoted to children. August 30 - Liberation Day October 29 - Republic Day. Mustafa Kemal announced the Republic of Turkey on October 29 in 1923. 10 November - Day of Ataturk's death.


Turkish cuisine simply has a treasure of dishes, thus it's hard to choose where to start. Turkish cuisine combines the flavors of different countries: Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey. Maybe at the beginning, I will give an idea for the main course: Each of us knows the popular kebab. Also very popular throughout Turkey is gozleme. These are pancakes with minced meat and spices and you can get them in almost every hotel. You can also try the fish, especially sea pike and perch. If you prefer soup dishes I propose - Corba. It is very satisfying because it is always served with plenty of bread. For drinks we ordered ayran, a Turkish beverage created from yoghurt and water. After eating the main course, it is time for something sweet. The most popular is the baklava (layers of pastry covered with honey, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, soaked with icing). It is very sweet!!!