Negril - Holiday facts and Information

Holiday facts and information about Negril

General facts

Trip Preparation

Trip Preparation

General information

Public transport / Taxis / Infrastructure When travelling around one should take the local "route taxis" as these are very cheap. Standard taxis are available within the city at taxi stands or can be ordered via the taxi central service or at your hotel.


The official language in Jamaica is English and in Negril locals speak “patois” which is a mix of English and western African languages.


The official currency in the whole of Jamaica is the Jamaican dollar.

Best travel time

The weather in Negril is constantly sunny and warm throughout the year and has a marine/ tropical climate. The temperature in Negril exceeds 30°C at least once every month and has very little rainfall with wind only occurring from August to November.

Visa requirements

To Travel into Negril one needs a valid passport and a visa is not required.


Other than the standard vaccinations there is no need for any other vaccinations.

Country and People

Country and People

Traditions and Culture

Negril has a long history within Jamaica which was colonized by the Spanish and later become an independent county in the mid-90s. A great part of the culture in Negril is the “seven mile” beach which is full of legends. One of the most cherished traditions in Negril is the “Reggae Summer Sumfest”, this because music is such a great part of locals upbringing and culture.


Religion is an important aspect in the whole of Jamaica, which can be seen in the way locals refer to the bible when speaking. Most inhabitants are Protestant, Roman Catholic or part of certain spiritual cults.

Getting around

Getting around

By plane

To get to Negril the closest airport is Montego Bay’s airport is “Sangster International airport” which is one of the biggest airports in Jamaica. This airport receives international and domestic flights flying in and out on a daily basis. From there it takes about 60 minutes to get into Negril city Center. At the airport it is possible to rent a car which should be ordered and reserved in advance.

Discover and Enjoy

Discover and Enjoy

Discover and enjoy

Events / Lifestyle Locals in Negril have a very adventurous, natural lifestyle with a high spirit. They generally enjoy reggae music therefore one of the main events which is very important to Negril is “Jamaica’s Music festival - Reggae Sumfest” during July.


In Negril there are beautiful things to discover along with the native Jamaican flair. Some sights worth seeing whilst there include Appleton Rum Estate, the Martha Bray River and Negril Jamaica Vidia.


 The food in Negril is typical Jamaican food which includes specialties such as Jerk chicken, Coconut Jelly /Meat, pepperpot, pumpkin soup, ackee and saltfish, curried goat and calaloo.