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Panacée Grand Hotel Römerbad(4 stars)

Schlossplatz 1, 79410 Badenweiler View on map
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  • June 2013
Ok a 5 star hotel it is not, but otherwise never as bad as partly in the reviews. We had the hotel first and then read the reviews. So we were expecting the worst, but it was partly exaggerated. We were friendly received, the elevator worked without problems (ok it is not the most modern, but fear must you don't). The room (superior ) was very big and clean. Stains and so on. Like the other reviews to complain about, we found neither on the sofa or on the bed or otherwise where. The bathroom is very big and really ... nice. Only the ground should occasionally re-done, as a plates not so beautiful were. We in the shower should also replaced, but there was the bathroom nothing to complain about. Concerning the bed is true, the bed squeaks definitely and for a stay of more than 2-3 days i would probably nerves. The breakfast there was everything possible, thus there was something for everyone. In my opinion it's probably still a little more nicely arranged. But otherwise was the hall and everything beautiful and certainly the one or the other are amazed. Would certainly have been interesting to know, what was previously happened. Also we liked, that every morning a short summary of the main news on the table was. Lunch and supper we can unfortunately not judge, assen outside the hotel. Concerning the recreation, there are a lot of opportunities in Badenweiler. Because the reviews of the pools not so good, we preferred the cassopeia thermal baths. But we were not at all convinced. The car, is also quickly in Freiburg or other excursions, which we would recommend. It was positive overall and we could relax nicely. I think, we would also a 2. book times, we felt comfortable. read hotel review
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Information about Panacée Grand Hotel Römerbad

Hotel Information


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Forget the everyday life. Discover in the sunniest south of Germany a world, where since 185 years culture, quality and pleasure are maintained carefully.Let the charming atmosphere of our traditional hotel catch you. Breathe the air of a splendid past, while you enjoy all comfort of our historical house. A special highlight: in our indoor swimming pool and outdoor swimming pool flows vitalizing thermal water.Discover exceptional packages and the regular event highlights, which are leaving no whishes unfulfilled and let all your dreams come true. Reception hours: Every day: from 00:00 to 00:00
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Hotel description

Hotel description

  • What the hotel offers
    Forget the stresses of day-to-day living. Experience a world in Germany's sunniest south in which culture, quality and enjoyment have been carefully maintained for more than 180 years. Relax in the magical flair of our tradition-rich grand hotel. Breathe in the air of a magnificent past while you enjoy all of the amenities in a most modern standard of comfort.
  • Location
    Our hotel is located in the quiet central of Badenweiler, surrounded by own large park overlooking the Rhine valley and the Vosges. Badenweiler is located at the foot of the southern Black Forest, in the three border triangle Germany - France- Switzerland, between Freiburg and Basel, in the heart of the Markgräflerland.
  • Accommodation
    Historical comfort for those who demand the highest of standards. Relax and enjoy yourself in the beautifully, individually designed and spacious guest rooms of our Grandhotel with views over the Vosges, the Schlosspalais, castle ruin or the park. Our hotel offers 75 rooms with 125 beds on 3 floors: single and double rooms, suites, junior suites as well as rooms comprising 2 bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Every room is furnished in a traditional style and has WLAN.
  • Food and Drink
    Whether regional, mediterranean or international, the executive chef and his team pull out all the stops of fine cuisine with zest and passion. But guests also appreciate the hotel's classic aspects, while unstressed newspaper reading or listenting to first class piano music. And when at night charming barmen perform colourful magic in cocktail glases in the English cult bar „Caesar“, then a real drive comes up again at the Grand Hotel Römerbad.
  • Leisure
    Go for a swim in our large indoor pool (8 x 20 m) or outdoor pool (4,8x13m), which are filled with vitalising thermal waters from the Römerbad spring at a pleasant temperature of 29°C. Take the plunge into the warm water! You can relax in our Finnish sauna or infrared heat cabins. Enjoy a massage or a cosmetical treatment


Hotel amenities

  • Meeting/Banquet Facilities
  • Playground
  • Hotel safe
  • Lift
  • Number of lifts: 2
  • Central heating
  • Car park

Room amenities

  • Writing bureau
  • TV
  • Satellite TV
  • Safe
  • Balcony
  • Bathroom
  • Wake up call/Alarm clock
  • Pets allowed
  • Hair dryer


  • Breakfast
  • Restaurant
  • Diabetic menu
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegetarian dishes
  • A la carte
  • Hotel bar
  • Packed lunches
  • Catering service

Spa offers

  • Massages
  • Beauty treatments
  • Sauna

Other hotel information

  • Country hotel
  • 24 hour reception
  • Non-hotel guests can/cannot access the area: open
  • Honeymoon
  • Express check in and check out
  • Visa
  • English
  • Lake
  • Information desk
  • Children welcome
  • All public and private areas are no smoking zones
  • Wifi
  • Free Wifi access included
  • Post service