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Prime Hotel Principe Torlonia(4 stars)

Via Carlo Fea 5 00161  Rom View on map
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Good city break hotel with a few drawbacks
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  • September 2013
We stayed at this hotel for 4 days for a city break in Rome. A detailed rating you can to the individual paragraphs reading read hotel review
  • Room

    The rooms was an interesting history. We have read reviews that the rooms in the ground floor not so great to be. The lady took the key (show) and went with us to the elevator and said we must now down. We thought it was perhaps somewhat on german confused, but no, we are really after -1, so in the basement... There it smelled a bit strange, not pleasant on the course. We went to the room number 4, in the basement. Rooms had a size for a city trip is ok, was also quite nicely decorated, this you can in the photos see. Bathroom was also ok, if you just paintwork one noticed that here already to make would be, so, for example, the drain in the shower was loose (cover) or the seals or hinges could be diving. For tv: there were sky, unfortunately no description or enrolment how it works or where what channels are. At first we thought everything only italian, but you can the american films in original english move. The bad thing was the windows. Typical basement, high up and small, there wasn't much light. If you have the blinds open have 3 men overall from the rooms, was especially great after showering. So you can only and artificial enjoy. We asked for a room above, was on the first day everything was fully booked, then you could it can for 30 Euro extra charge, you could however not say, whether these per person or rooms. So we in the basement remained, when a trip is you only at night in the hotel. The room itself could have been more stars, but due to the cellar with are not more than 2 stars inside. But makes yourself and look at our photos.

  • Service

    As we came to the hotel we knew first not, whether there is really the front desk is, it is only a small table with a computer. The 2 ladies were welcomed, one should begin school until to be, you could also a little german. Although we eigebtlich always english talked to them was very anxious with us german award. Our room was not yet ready to move again (we were also before the check in time), but we could the bags in the hotel store and the area. Shortly before the check-in time our room was then ready. The two ladies a short training the time when breakfast, but unfortunately not where. Also wireless internet was no mention, or that there was a roof terrace to use was. Also the usual cliches as if you need contact us were not mentioned. Wi-fi plus password was only after asking said, we were in the room and called us the password by telephone transmitted. The room cleaning was all in all in order, with the closer hinsehen but you could already things complain about (stains on the wall, crumbs on the floor, roof terrace were the cushions always wet, because they apparently when the rain not have been taken away). You had to ask but then one was very competent advice, the proactiveness could be improved. Twice in the afternoon was a man at the front desk, this has not even greeted, this was rather disappointing. As i said, the ladies were always motivated.

  • Gastronomy

    We booked bed and breakfast, one could take this in the form of buffets take. Facility it was well arranged, with garden view. In the summer you can apparently have breakfast also in the garden. The tables were very small, to 2. one had straight times place, but they were also partly for 4 people set. The buffet itself was also manageable, something sweet, a few rolls, a bit of sausage and cheese and cereals, everything available but with very little selections. The drinks were juice from the automat or water and coffee. If you hot water for tea or a fresh coffee wanted had one this with the we encountered order, if one times their attention attained. Even italians had to get here for a very long time to wait until you get time nahm, proactive ask, if you want something there was not. But long wait for the drinks. Some people then had already finished breakfast and are simply gone. If one then nevertheless times the drinks there were also here no friendly word, we know until now not like your voice. You could also not on the stress push, there were only 5 people in the room. It was a radio available, but never turned on, some background music would have been very pleasant. The food was okay in terms of taste, but at least the 3. day boring, since it was always the same food. The man at the bar in the evening worked we can't comment, we never had something to drink, but there is never anyone sat, so he had not much to do.

  • Hotel

    We stayed at this hotel for 4 days for a city break in Rome. A detailed rating you can to the individual paragraphs reading

  • Location

    The surrounding area is very green, lots of parks, really nice. It are close by many embassies, right next door is the afganische message. We had also in the evening no fear in the vicinity. During the day the embassies of military guards. Bus and tram few minutes away from the hotel, the underground is about 10 minutes away on foot. The rapid-transit railway direction airport is about 20 minutes away on foot. It is very quiet and there is approximately 4 minutes away a supermarket. It is comfortable to the Piazza de popolo 45 minutes, you can all kinds of nice corners and corners of the city. Restaurant in the vicinity unfortunately not, at least we despite inquiry nothing found, approximately 10 minutes away there is a McDonald's

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