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FincaHotel Can Coll(4 stars)

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Can coll: small, but very nice!
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  • August 2013
The hotel is in the many ratings already a lot written about, so only a very short: it is a small hotel with personal atmosphere in a peaceful area in the valley of Soller. The hotel is a about 400 years old Finca (main building) and new additions in a trassierten gardens with a pool. read hotel review
  • Service

    Service: perfect! Bianca it leaves in their warm and nice breakfast service nothing missing. The breakfast is served at the table and there isn't the annoying back and forth as a buffet. The breakfast is sufficient and you can all möglilchen special requests cannot comment on, the met. For us especially important: open end. So there was also around half 12 or later breakfast! In the afternoon and in the evening Verena the good fairy and brings everything on the table, which one wants to have. We have never had such a nice and personal service. In such a small hotel is of course everything was a bit compact and perhaps personal, but the two are really great! If the boss in the evening there is, not forget, after the 'live wine list' to questions. The recommendations include always fun in the glass!

  • Hotel

    The hotel is in the many ratings already a lot written about, so only a very short: it is a small hotel with personal atmosphere in a peaceful area in the valley of Soller. The hotel is a about 400 years old Finca (main building) and new additions in a trassierten gardens with a pool.

  • Location

    From the airport, the hotel is in about 25 minutes with the rental car (through the tunnel) to reach. It is located on the talrand of Soller, the place is to walk 15 minutes away. In Soller or Port de Soller (4 kilometer away), there are numerous possibilities, food or to go shopping. Both places offer enough of it, so that you could really enough possibilities, always try something new. In august we obviously have no walking holiday made, but as a base for day trips to the rest of the island we found Soller perfect. There is even free public transport in the form of the tram Port de Soller or Palma with the ferrocaril Soller, a railway from the 20. years of the previous century, the at least until the station bunyola a landschaftlich very beautiful distance service. Sometimes one must naturally by the tunnel, to save time, with 5.05 (!) That is of course not cheap, but not with change.

  • Room

    We had the lavender room. Each room has its own (perfume) - note. The room and the bathroom were big enough and the bed sheets to paint and the freshener the issue of 'lavender' adjusted. The beautiful pictures of gustavo fit also very good. The bed was extremely comfortable and the august the air conditioner was very helpful. For colder months are radiators. A small point of criticism was, that there was no mini bar available. It would not have been bad, in the evening, especially, if no staff in the house is, in a emergency reserve to have, or a bottle of water cool can. It was every evening a halbliterflasche water from the house offers, but this was enough for us not, because the temperatures in august we still a extraration water. As i said, a small point of criticism in this room, in other rooms there is already a minibar.

  • Sport & Leisure

    The pool is located in the lower garden area and is, due to the small number of guests definitely not overcrowded. There are nice pool chairs with umbrellas in very good condition and it is in the best way suitably, around itself after a day trip or, as we have done - just a whole day long to relax. Relax and unwind, this is it in this hotel. Another entertainment need not.

  • Gastronomy

    The chef : Karsten! In the evening, the palate. Due to the small rooms or guests in the morning or in the daytime asked, whether you want to eat at hotel. Clearly, he must, of course, plan. Food is very, very delicious and it is so easy, if you could not leave or to go to the beach. You can sit on the beautiful, from candles garden terrace and can the delicious food and the friendly service of Verena enjoy. Karsten cooks very creative and it jump one of the best pieces of meat or fish on the fork. Special requests including. The kitchen is mediterranean, but also with asian components. Really very delicious!

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Hotel description


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  • Total number of rooms: < 50
  • Garden
  • Hotel safe
  • Central heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Free parking
  • Car park

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  • Mobile phone reception
  • Satellite TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Minibar
  • Minibar: alcoholic
  • Safe
  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Bathroom
  • Wake up call/Alarm clock
  • Complementary bottle of water
  • Toiletries


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  • Restaurant
  • Number of restaurants altogether: 1
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  • Number of hotel bars altogether: 1
  • Cafe
  • Continental breakfast

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  • Number of stars/domestic category: 5 Stars
  • Check out no later than: 12:00
  • Non-hotel guests can/cannot access the area: closed
  • Early check in
  • Family
  • Late check out
  • Express check in and check out
  • Cash payment
  • German
  • 24 hour security
  • Car hire
  • Mountains
  • Information desk
  • Children welcome
  • All public and private areas are no smoking zones
  • Wifi
  • Free Wifi access included
  • Newspaper