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Satao Elerai Camp(4.5 stars)

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Hotel description

  • What the hotel offers
    Satao Elerai Camp is located in a quiet, unspoilt, unique setting on a 5000 acre private conservation area 12 kms south east of Amboseli National Park at the foot of Africa’s Largest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro. The camp looks down onto the Amboseli National Park in one direction and up to Mt Kilimanjaro in the other direction, giving clients what is arguably the best location of any camp in Amboseli. The camp currently has 12 luxury en suite mountain facing tents and 5 large luxurious lodge style suites. Both the tents and the suites are en suite with the suites also having luxurious baths. The facilities are supplied with hot running water provided by eco friendly solar units. The Satao Elerai project is a community project that has been along time in the making. The project has been a concerted effort between the Satao Elerai, The African Wildlife Foundation and The Elerai community. The concept is to provide a sustainable income from tourism for the Masai community in the area and to try and ensure that it is in the communities interest to protect the wildlife for generations to come. Amboseli has been a location where human-wildlife conflict has been an issue for many years, and it is projects like these that can over time ensure that communities start to benefit from wildlife and to ensure they invest in protecting and securing their future for their own benefit.
  • Location
    Satao Elerai is located 12kms to the South East of Amboseli National Park on its own Wildlife conservancy. The conservancy borders the Tanzania border and is therefore as close to Mt Kilimanjaro as one can get ensuring one of the best views available of the Mountain.
  • Accommodation
    With 12 Luxury safari tents and 5 lodge style rooms Satao Elerai provides accommodation for all needs. All rooms are en suite with hot and cold running water as well as all other facilities one would expect from any modern hotel room.
  • Food and Drink
    With three professional trained chefs, each from very different back grounds, Satao Elerai provides a really special selection of meals perfect for when one is on safari in Africa. With all meals being served a la carte a wide selection of meal options are available including ensuring specialised food requirements are met.
  • Leisure
    Satao Elerai's infinity swimming pool has one of the most amazing views ensuring a swim is something one will remember for a very long time. With views to the South East of Mt Kilimanjaro and views to the North of Satao Elerai's own waterhole a swim often allows one to sit back and relax in the pool while looking at the snow capped mountain on one side and a herd of elephants on the other. Elephants are know to pass within a few yards of the swimming pool.
  • Other facilities and services
    Majority of the staff are from the Elerai community and although they were previously not familiar with hotel operations they have been trained extensively over the years to ensure they provide the very best service possible. With them being direct benefactors of the camp they have an interest in ensuring that every client leaves Satao Elerai happy.