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Hotel Venezia Marina di Pietrasanta(3 stars)

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Top for food allergies and intolerances.
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  • July 2013
The hotel is for people with food intolerances and allergies well suitably, since the menus will be adjusted accordingly, and the kitchen have very flexible. read hotel review
  • Gastronomy

    The good kitchen was crucial for me at the choice of. I shall gladly a little more on the issue because i know how difficult the search is, if you couldn't eat everything must. Through various food incompatibilities (lactose, sorbitol -, histaminintoleranz ) designed for me the search for an appropriate hotel difficult. But research is charged us and i have our visit to the hotel venezia not regret it and even enjoy! Once again, a big compliment to the manager, chef, and service, the everyday on my special requests were received and thus a beschwerdefreien holiday have given. :-) The only thing, what i personally really liked, was the lactose-free milk on the breakfast buffet. But i had a small personal lunchbox therewithin, filled with my own, decent breakfast items (jam, butter and butterkäse), in the kitchen-cooled and each morning was, which i found great (as there was no mini bar in the room). Nice would also spelled epitomes/ingredients been, but it was no problem to ask, and it turned out, that all bread and rolls lactose-free products. You had the choice, whether you have your lunch or dinner, we have up to an exception in the evening to eat. Every morning for breakfast, the menu enough, from the you from different dishes could. In my case, there were both fish (i believe almost daily a different one) and turkey or chicken with potatoes, rice or pasta, in addition something vegetable (zucchini, carrots). On sauces i skipped and almost tolerated everything well. In addition you could help yourself at the salad bar (iceberg, cucumber, tomato, mixed, each in separate bowls) operate and innumerable sorts oils to test. Cleanliness and hygiene in the restaurant are concerned there was no reason to complain. The service staff was mostly very fast. We sat for our entire meal (salad, first and 2. course, dessert) approximately an hour. The drinks for food were charged separately. A small beer for example costs 5 Euro. You should first be aware.

  • Service

    We were always served in a friendly way. There was a german-speaking staff at the front desk, the us the most important questions was, prior to, and during the stay. Otherwise, it didn't hurt his english and - if available - italian cards prior again upgrading.

  • Location

    The hotel is located about 10 minutes' walk away from the beach, which a further occurs than it actually is, if you packed with all the things is, as the family needs at a but it looked quite nice. You should just remember, if you have kids, otherwise it is really almost a stone's throw away. About just as long to walk in the pedestrian area, which almost at night so correctly the life awoke. Here there are many small shops, bars and a few restaurants, in which in the evenings quite can get busy. For lunch, we had fewer problems to get a seat, but watch out, that you are not late is, as siesta announced and the shutters are shut. The sandy beach is great, no stones, very well maintained. In the water itself will, of course, the one or other washed ashore. With jellyfish we had no problems. The obvious strandliegenvermieter (its own does not have the hotel) takes 20, - €for a couch, a chair and an umbrella on the day. You can not talk with, if you only 2 or 3 hours to rent would like. The front half of the section was almost permanently free, but not rentable (probably from dauermietern /compatriots occupied). There is also a public, free beach in the proximity, but is very crowded. Naturally there are also the one or other traders, his things want to sell.

  • Room

    This is the part, where i between three and four suns was torn. The rooms are, as already mentioned several times, was really very simply furnished, which is now not disturbing, but - and this bothers me great - unfortunately also very badly soundproofed, which the sleep with the already unusually high humidity and heat even more difficult. But perhaps one must also simply lucky with its neighbours. (our were snorer, nocturnal and chain smokers with nice hustanattacken. ) after 3. night shall enter into force the gewöhnungseffekt and you sleep a little better. ;-) Our bed consisted of two zusammengerückten beds, this had a metal frame, which was a bit of hostel reminded. There was missing it a bit of comfort. The mattresses were in order. A ceiling did not give it in the sense, only a sheet and the bedspread. (a simple blanket was still in the cabinet, which i but not to use wanted.) The decor was: a small tv (hardly used) a safe the air conditioning (which we only on absence used) a hair dryer, in the form of an schlauchs (with which i personally do not now so good humored - somewhat cumbersome and little puff - therefore preferred the own with pack) Nice, i personally would have a small refrigerator found. The closet is huge, but too few hangers. The balcony is very small and to sit outside not so comfortable. The bathroom, however, is very large, but also much too little counter space. Also it is missing at aufhängungsmöglichkeiten for the large towels. Maybe a clothes line on the balcony or a laundry stand a chance? We had trouble our bathing suits at any time dry to get. The towels on the railing to hang was not a good idea, since you then of course were dirty (we had at the beach its own towels used). A bettschutzgitter before the crib would have been good. Our kids was unfortunately in the night from the bed fallen. We took a small cupboard davorgerückt. Positive is the daily room cleaning, including towel and change of kopfkissenbezugs. Everything was always cleaned and tidy, trash can was emptied. Missing things were re-filled (soap, wcpapier ).

  • Sport & Leisure

    Entertainment or there was no entertainment - luckily - not. Also no children care, if this really someone should need, we do not. I refer in my sonnenvergabe therefore only on the cleanliness of the pools, the was in order. The pool itself is rather small, but big enough to cool off in and a few (minor) laps. A splash or separate children's pool there was not, it was for us but also not necessary. To the disappointment of the staff there were a few tourists at the pool are not necessary for their dishes even cleared. Which somewhat annoying was, was actually only the behavior of other vacationers. However the hotel cannot do anything themselves. - unfortunately also in the venezia the few beach chairs at the pool already in the morning reserved with towels, so you after breakfast hardly had a chance to get a table. Would not so tragic, if the beach chairs for quickly used would be (and not only after hours). This is a shame, but we lay on our ceiling safe anyway much more comfortable. ;-) Strandbeurteilung was already far above.

  • Hotel

    The hotel is for people with food intolerances and allergies well suitably, since the menus will be adjusted accordingly, and the kitchen have very flexible.

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Business hours of reception: 24 hours The refurbished three-star establishment Hotel Venezia is set in a peaceful park and offers a relaxed atmosphere in sophisticated surroundings. The hotel comprises a total of 66 light, spacious rooms equipped with air conditioning, a safe, television, telephone, desk and balcony or terrace. Guests can enjoy traditional food, fish and meat dishes, local specialities from the hotel’s own kitchen, as well as a wide choice of wines. In the mornings there is a copious breakfast buffet available. The café with its cosy and modern interior design is a perfect place to enjoy excellent cocktails and aperitifs. For a change, guests may visit the gym, the swimming pool with hydro massage or the night bar with its live music provide programme. Reception hours: Every day: from 00:00 to 00:00
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Hotel description

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Free Wi-Fi all over the Hotel! Bike-rental!


Hotel amenities

  • Terrace
  • Non-smoking room
  • Cash machine on site
  • Hotel safe
  • Lift
  • Number of lifts: 2
  • Central heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Free parking
  • Car park

Room amenities

  • Writing bureau
  • Phone
  • Satellite TV
  • Safe
  • Balcony
  • Bathroom
  • Shower
  • Wake up call/Alarm clock


  • Breakfast
  • Restaurant
  • Number of restaurants altogether: 1
  • Vegetarian dishes
  • A la carte
  • Dishes for those with allergies
  • Gluten free
  • Hotel bar
  • Number of hotel bars altogether: 1
  • Cafe
  • Number of cafes altogether: 1
  • Breakfast buffet

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  • Fitness centre
  • Outdoor pool

Other hotel information

  • 24 hour reception
  • Cash payment
  • English
  • Children welcome
  • Wifi
  • Free Wifi access included
  • Laundry service