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Hotel Philoxenia(3 stars)

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The Hotel Philoxenia is a smaller, cozy hotel in psacoudia in traktbauweise with courtyards and lush greenery. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I had half board booked, what for me more than enough was. The dishes were mostly greek. Kitchen. The salad buffet was always fresh, plentiful and very tasty. The audience was initially (sept. Mixed and at the end (october) mostly eastern european (romanians). This led to no excesses or damage the atmosphe …  read hotel review

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I would like to summarise briefly the whole vacation, since some people might also be interested. Booked with Neckermann/Bucher journeys with shuttle. Flight from Hannover was good the, the staff friendly. The flight took two H ten minutes The transfer from the airport to the hotel by bus, cab worked submissions Andrei with nice staff. Arrived at the hotel we competent and without any problems. Then the first disillusionment-the rooms were more bad than …  read hotel review

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There´s no better place to go
  • Recommended hotel
  • Families
  • Beach holiday
  • August 2015
If you look for a summer vacation that gives you a relax and lots of fun for your children, here you are right. We´ve had a wonderful stay for two weeks and will come again - that´s sure. The hotel is like a large garden, plants and flowers everywhere, a large pool and even a separate pool for the children welcomes you. My son was hardly to get out of the water - he liked it so much. Me, i found my place to relax at the poolbar, the music is popular, the service excellent as everywhere in the hotel ... and the drinks remained me every day - you´re on holiday! I finish my feedback with a song that´s already written, called "hotel california", and at philoxenia bungalows it´s equal: "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave". P.S. From Austria it´s good accessible by car, we booked one nightstop in beograd (serbia) so it was a comfortable 2-day trip. We came with friends from germany, they made their nightstop in Szeged (Hungary), for them this was the point of half distance. To drive nonstop i cannot recommend. read hotel review
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    Proximity to shopping areas
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Information about Hotel Philoxenia

Hotel Information

Hotel description

Hotel description

  • What the hotel offers
    Hotel “Philoxenia Bungalows” is a 3* star hotel in Psakoudia, just one hour from Thessaloniki, inside a pine forest and just 150 meters from the sea, a modern design complex of bungalows offers you the ideal choice for calm holidays with quick excursions to nearby locations.
  • Accommodation
    Eleven two-storied buildings that accommodate 155 rooms constitute the complex, with view to the forest or garden. 147 of them are double rooms that have the possibility of entertaining third and fourth individual (bunk beds), and 8 are apartments with two separate rooms in each one. All rooms offer shower, A/C, TV- Satellite, refrigerator and hair dryer.
  • Food and Drink
    In our Restaurant, which is found in the central building of the complex, with view to the garden and pool, one can try Greek as well as international cuisine. Two meals are served daily, morning and supper in form of a buffet. Philoxenia Bungalows is famous for its rich meals that combine the creativity of the Mediterranean diet with the taste of local products. The Pool Snack Bar is open from morning until night, offering large variety in coffees and drinks, as well as small meals.
  • Leisure
    In Philoxenia are regularly organized Music Nights, during high season, at the pool area. The program includes live Greek or foreign music from musicians, who encourage the participation of the visitors to dance. The bar and swimming pool area are ideal for organizing events, such as weddings and parties, which give a particular colour to the visitors’ nights. Next to the pool bar, there is a playground and an entertaining area, which is equipped with billiard, ping pong, air hockey table and board games.
  • Other facilities and services
    At the entrance of the hotel you will find the reception, where our friendly staff will be there to support 24hours a day. In the main lobby you will find internet access with charge, safe deposit boxes and local products store. Also, at the pool area, Wi-Fi internet is available.

Hotel News


Philoxenia Bungalows is certified with the internationally recognized standard for environmental management ISO 14001. A key success factor of our company is the high quality services, while respecting the environment. The application of this standard requires control of activities that affect the environment, such as the use of natural resources, handling and disposal of waste and, energy consumption. After 28 years we continue with steady steps to improve and become a today touristic product that respects the environmental authorities and seeks the provision of services in the interest of the customer.


Hotel amenities

  • Play rooms
  • Hotel safe
  • Air conditioning
  • Free parking
  • Car park

Room amenities

  • TV
  • Satellite TV
  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Bathroom
  • Wake up call/Alarm clock
  • Shower


  • Restaurant
  • Vegetarian dishes
  • Dishes for those with allergies
  • Lactose-free
  • Hotel bar
  • Number of hotel bars altogether: 1
  • Breakfast buffet

A choice of sports

  • Outdoor pool
  • Volleyball

Other hotel information

  • 24 hour reception
  • Number of stars/domestic category: 3 Stars
  • Gay friendly
  • English
  • Car hire
  • Information desk
  • Children welcome
  • Wifi
  • Free Wifi access included