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Lagomandra Hotel & Spa(4 stars)

Epar. Od. Nikitis-Sartis 63088 Elia Nikitis Chalkidiki View on map
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Nice hotel, but location is very isolated and lonely. Although there is a bus three times a day to the next villages (the only houses accumulations are), but to explore the area you need a rental car. The beach was really great and very clean water. Although it was very warm, there was no jellyfish! Fortunately, in addition to the property with pay enough space to lounge around. The pool of the hotel is very nice. unfortunately, the park is around, but ve …  read hotel review

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The hotel looks on the first glance very nice. We were as last minute tourist there. Beach and sea wonderful. Water crystal clear. That was all. We are not tourist the mattresses game, or after staubkörnern find, but we were shocked by so much dirt. The bathroom was mildewed. Completely around the small shower/ bath tub around. Shower curtain was only not any available, so every time the tiny bath underwater has been set. From the previous guests were sti …  read hotel review

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Hotel description

  • What the hotel offers
    The Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites The Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites is located exactly next to the enchanting Lagomandra beach, a beach with rich natural and interesting sea treasures. It is each year awarded with a “Blue Flag” not only because of its natural beauty but mainly for the organisation and its cleanness. The beach of Lagomandra, as well as the Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites are just six (6) km away from cosmopolitan Neos Marmaras and thirteen (13) km from Nikiti. The beach is very easily accessible both from the main Sithonia road as well as our hotel. Visit the Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites and the Lagomandra beach and experience the beautiful and fully organized beach.
  • Location
    The Lagomandra Hotel and Spa is built in the area of Lagomandra, Sithonia, 6 km from picturesque and cosmopolitan Neos Marmaras, just next to the beautiful beach of Lagomandra, whose many natural treasures you must discover. The enchanting beach of Lagomandra, next to Neos Marmaras, Sithonia, Chalkidiki The beach of Lagomendra is a Paradise on earth, between Neos Marmaras and Nikitis. Next to the beach there is a pine forest offering a breath of coolness and natural wealth. The beach is divided into two parts by a small cape. The northern part of the beach is more organized, with umbrellas and reclining chairs for the visitors and a Beach Bar where you can cool down during your swim. The southern part is the ideal place to enjoy sea sports. The whole beach is covered by fine sand and its waters are crystal clear and reflect the sea bottom. The unique natural landscape of Sithonia, Chalkidiki The natural landscape of Sithonia is really very interesting and diverse. The beaches and coastline are particularly attractive while along the coastline you come across bushy and tree vegetation. More specifically, in many areas there are pine forests offering high aesthetic and ecological value. Furthermore, the holm oaks and strawberry trees breathe a feeling of respect for the environment as well as provide a big oxygen breath that unfortunately tends to get lost. The Lagomandra Beach is characterized by many as an oasis, since the fine golden sand and the green of nature offer the visitor a different and unique feeling. Culture and History of Sithonia in Chalkidiki The Sithonia Peninsula in Chalkidiki has a rich archaeological and historical background. The first settlers of the Peninsula were the Chalkideans at the end of the 8th century B.C. The modern visitor of Chalkidiki should not omit a visit to the Petralona Cave with its Anthropological Museum at a distance of just one (1) km from the eponymous village at the Thermaikos Gulf, famous for its rich prehistoric findings of significant paleontological value and the impressive stalactite decorations. The Museum of Traditional Vessels and Tools and the Folklore Museum of Vithynia at Nea Moudania offer a gallery of significant exhibits of specialized interest. For anyone interested in archaeological quests, the Archaeological site of Kallithea, ancient Skioni and ancient Mendi at the peninsula of Kassandra, the renovated archaeological site of Olynthos with the Archaeological Museum at Toronaios, and some fortified members of Ancient Toroni in Sithonia, at the locations of Vigla and Lykithos castle are some of the most important places of historical interest in the area. Ancient Stageira, the homeland of Aristotle, on the peninsula of Liotopi, on the eastern coast of Chalkidiki and the Archaeological Museum of Polygyros are perhaps the most significant archaeological sights of the prefecture. The history of Sithonia, Chalkidiki According to the historians, the history of Sithonia seems to start from the antiquity. Various archaeological findings testify that the area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Specifically, there were settlements in the contemporary area of Elia, Agios Georgios, Kastri and Lagomandra during the Classical and Roman periods. Sithonia, as mythology has it, took its name from Sithon, king of the Thracian tribe of the Odomontes, son of Poseidon (god) and Ossa. Sithones, according to the historians, was a tribe of Phrygian origin and were settled in the 8th century B.C. Important cities of Sithonia in antiquity were: Sermyli, Fyskella, Singos, Parthenopolis, Galipsos, Toroni, Derra, Ampelos, Sarti, Piloros, Assa and Sithoni.
  • Accommodation
    We offer the following types of accommodation: Superior Double Junior Suite Sea View Maisonette Suites Double Deluxe
  • Food and Drink
    For unique gastronomic pleasures in Chalkidiki, visit the restaurants of the Lagomandra Hotel and Spa and Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites. Tasty and gastronomic pleasures at the Lagomandra Hotel and Spa and Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites in Chalkidiki Welcome to the Lagomandra Hotel and Spa and Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites and enjoy original unique gastronomic creations. Our hotel complexes have two restaurants and a tavern with Greek traditional and European cuisine so that the visitors of the hotel and Chalkidiki can taste our unique dishes. The Lagomandra Hotel and Spa has the “Elia” restaurant where you will find the luxury and special tastes you wish to try in Chalkidiki prepared with professionalism and passion by chefs who use pure ingredients. The Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites has the “Votsalo” restaurant and the traditional tavern next to the beach of Lagomandra. At the “Votsalo” restaurant you can try European and Greek traditional cuisine by specialized chefs that try everyday to cater for all gastronomic tastes. At our Tavern, you will experience a different feeling of hospitality, in a more Greek setting, where apart from the tasty dishes, Greek drinks, such as ouzo, tsipouro and wine with their meze are served. It is the setting where quite often various happenings, social events or Greek nights are held, travelling you to a more entertainment setting. You can of course choose any restaurant or tavern you wish for your dinner, irrespective of whether you have chosen to stay at the Lagomandra Hotel and Spa or the Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites (dine around). Visit the restaurants “Elia”, “Votsalo” or our tavern for your gastronomic pleasure and we can promise you that you will be exceptionally satisfied.
  • Leisure
    The pool at the hotel Lagomandra Hotel & Spa, in addition to the Pool Bar, the sun loungers and umbrellas are available free of charge for our guests to enjoy a swim in the pool with tranquility and comfort. For the little ones there is a children pool with the right age children’s’ dimensions and depth as well as with a lifeguard overlooking the pool area. Enjoy the unique spa services offered by our specialists at the Lagomandra Hotel and Spa. Rejuvenation, wellbeing and relaxation services at the Lagomandra Hotel and Spa, in the region of Lagomandra, Sithonia, Chalkidiki At its effort to better service its visitors, the Lagomandra Hotel and Spa has organized spa services in specially set up spaces so you can enjoy the care you need during your holidays. With this as an aim, it provides free-of-charge a gym, massage or sauna for better relaxation and cooling down. Furthermore, at the specially set-up and well-tended Spa areas, body and face therapy services are offered, something necessary especially after a long exposure to the sun on the beach, hair salon, manicure and pedicure services for a beautiful appearance and wellbeing. Combine your holidays with the care you deserve and you will experience a feeling of freshness and rejuvenation springing from inside you. The Lagomandra Hotel and Spa and its experienced personnel will service you in the best possible and professional way.
  • Other facilities and services
    Apart from a luxurious stay, the Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites offers a big variety of services that please our young and older visitors. Facilities and Services at the Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites at Lagomandra, 6 km from Neos Marmaras, Chalkidiki The Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites in Chalkidiki and its experienced personnel would like to welcome you and are at your disposal so that your holidays in beautiful Sithonia are really unforgettable. Our long experience has shown us what the visitor needs to enjoy luxurious holidays and we have turned it into practice. For this reason, we have “Votsalo” restaurant where you can find gastronomic creations from the traditional Greek and European cuisine by experienced chefs only for you. Served daily for dinner, you can choose among a plethora of dishes that covers all tastes. Of course choices do not stop here. In our tavern, you can find traditional Greek dishes that you can accompany with Greek drinks, such as wine, tsipouro and ouzo and an assortment of meze. At the Pool Bar, next to our big pool, you can enjoy cool cocktails, coffees, and various hot drinks that can help you relax in a really wonderful setting. Apart from the Pool Bar, there are reclining chairs and umbrellas around the pool for our visitors, so that they can enjoy their swim in the pool in comfort and peace. There is a children’s swimming pool for our young friends, with the proper dimensions for this age, and also a lifeguard to prevent accidents. A play ground has also been created, specially designed, cared for and equipped with whatever a child needs during holidays in order to have fun but also be safe. For anything you may need during your stay at the Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites, there is the Mini Market- Gift Shop, where you can buy whatever you need or small gifts for your friends, mementos from Chalkidiki. Finally, for unending hours of fun and relaxation, you will find at Lagomandra beach, which is next to our facilities, a Beach Bar-Snack Bar, to enjoy a cool drink or coffee or a tasty cold snack during your morning swim. Trust the Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites in Chalkidiki for your holidays and enjoy all the luxury and service you need. At our hotel complexes you will experience absolute relaxation in our renovated modern rooms. Comfort, Relaxation and Luxury at the Lagomandra Hotel and Spa and Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites next to Neos Marmaras, Sithonia, Chalkidiki The rooms of the Lagomandra Hotel and Spa and Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites were renovated in the period 2009-2013 and 2010-2012 respectively to offer you a comfortable and luxurious stay in Chalkidiki; specifically near Neos Marmaras, Sithonia, next to the beach of Lagomandra. All the rooms are modernly furnished with cared for details to give you a feeling of uniqueness and contribute to the relaxation and comfort you need during your holidays. All hotel spaces are meticulously designed to satisfy and please even the most demanding tastes. The comfortable interior of the rooms in combination with the balcony or the veranda outside give a feeling of relaxation and luxury as you enjoy our services along with the unique view of the sky and sea colors or the green view over the garden of our hotel complexes. Visit the Lagomandra Hotel and Spa and Lagomandra Beach Hotel and Suites in Chalkidiki and you will have the peace and relaxation you really need.

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We are open for 2015 and very much look forward to welcoming new and returning guests... See you soon at Lagomandra Hotels!


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