Hotel Lindos Princess Beach(4 stars)

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Hotel Lindos Princess Beach
My review of Hotel Lindos Princess Beach:
  • 5.2
  • Oct 2011
  • 4 weeks
  • Beach
  • Hotel recommended
We have been coming here for many years to this hotel (2011 for 4 weeks, otherwise 3 weeks each, already 2012 booked). on the hotel itself and the location is already very a lot written. Therefore I am not on it a. as mentioned by various other people noticed, it is main restaurant with bad weather to small. The problem is the hotel management known, but only this winter (because of the planning/ Engineering, cultivation, etc.) fixed to be. According to our information, the main restaurant extended, that is to say the kitchen it is being laid out. This will create more space inside. So should enough room, overall during dinner available his. furthermore should at the beach a toilet built be?! we can't complain about the food. 4 weeks we have also still a bit at the buffet found. The à la carte restaurants are very good (have photos the courts set). on the beach is known, the cliff ledges in the water are, but there is the possibility to a few meters to go further, you can normal go into the water. We are at the first time the beach started and we were looking for the beach chairs, where one at the best one could go into the water. tip: on a visit to lindos it would be better a little firmer shoes (instead of flip flops). As it is uphill and downhill and many smooth Paths and stairs are, you can very easily slip or turn off your own leg (we have seen several times). in the hotel a car rental is the company we Rhodes car. Take there was always the rental car. … read hotel review