Hotel Stella Paradise (closed)(4 stars)

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Hotel Stella Paradise (closed)
My review of Hotel Stella Paradise (closed):
  • 4.8
  • Dec 2011
  • 1 week
  • Beach
  • Hotel recommended
in the hotel general we liked, it is a very Green area with a lot of animals, both in the small zoo, as well as free running or flying. The complex is very large and various divided into areas (hotel, apartments, chalets, villas), everywhere Palm trees, flowering shrubs, fountain, the are illuminated at night, everything was very spacious and large. The rooms and the bathroom (the closet!) are right large, we had, as booked, view of the pool and ocean. To the beach we are about 10 minutes ran, it was relaxed, there was always something to discover(animals) and was also right the after-dinner walk to the breakfast. The wonderful wide beach was the 'reward'! Peacocks, Chipmunk, Parrots, Hawks... On our way to admire. By the complex, a small Underpass and salt marsches past you were already at the nevertheless windy beach. We had a beach shelter thereby, the very recommendable is( months in winter!). The light sand, the türkiese water and in the background the mountains, it was just wonderful to look at. Somewhat high and low tide were to be felt, especially in the morning and had their attraction. Since we half board had( absolutely sufficient!), we were in the upper, smaller dining room placed. The atmosphere was good, the food good enough, sometimes more or less diversified, very good to Christmas and new year's Eve, with a bottle red wine on the table and champagne, always friendly, clean and new Tablecloths. Breakfast we often outside eaten, as was not set... But even in short, everything and the sun enjoyed. CAFE and cappuccino at the automat were very delicious, evening but no longer so hot, unfortunately! Daily entertainment was mostly at the lower pool, at the beach, unfortunately not, therefore 't visit from us. Evenings we have very good events seen, particularly the Dance shows, the very professional were. Unfortunately for the winter very late (21:45) and you had to wrap up (no closed area). In addition to a delicious Cocktail great and they were heated! The new year program was OK, we had however already better. the guest structure was mixed, German, french hauptsächlichst, but also English, skadinavisch and Spanish, as well as 4-speaking the entertainment. highly recommendable is the ' Individualtour ', the only until 8 people took place and the island very good is suitable. A Flyer is situated in the hotel from or through Internet before bookable. Too the oasis park-is worth seeing, with 4 shows and a very beautiful Kakteen park. The desert in the Northern part one must have seen. opposite the many negative reviews before, we were satisfied with everything, it is a very beautiful green area, jandia has a great beach, you can hiking, expensive shop, delicious ice food, for disco-we're beachgoers rather less suitably! but: beware low-cost supplier, there is a ' Anlageteil ', the is in need of renovation, probably with mold, Holes, unclean and almost not at all occupied therefore probably also negative reviews! with 'hotel, Villas Chalets' can't go wrong. … read hotel review