Maya Ubud Resort & Spa Bali(5 stars)

Jl. Gunung Sari Peliatan P.O BOX 1001 Ubud, Bali 80571, Indonesia View on map
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Other people
Maya Ubud Resort & Spa Bali
My review of Maya Ubud Resort & Spa Bali:
  • 5.4
  • Apr 2012
  • 2 weeks
  • Hiking / Wellness
  • Hotel recommended
The Maya ubud shone through the outstandingly beautiful complex and nevertheless the proximity to Ubud, the with the hotel shuttle in 10 minutes is reached. The the most guests ( lots of Asians, French and Australian) but it cannot not at all exploit, since ubud-in Inselzentrum -often only for trip from 2 to 3 days is used. The rest of the time the tourist in the tourist areas in the South, at the beach, where the similarity to Mallorca and the Canaries is no doubt. If you like it... However, if you are on the complex concede-we had the full 2 weeks here-you for example a scenic nature trail, which provides several stages on the river along leads. At the end you can then a well-earned drink in Rivercafe with a view of the beautiful spa. The hotel next to the main building many typical of the country designed Villas with thatched roof to offer, in which we used. The Bali feeling then only really on. But you should absolutely be tolerant, what small pets regards. Mosquitos are not the problem, but bugs and frogs would love to visit. They are but also willingly with the glass catch and remove. Because of the location in the nature, you should also cleanliness a few drawbacks, but does not mean, that it was filthy. The hotel staff is generally very nice and extremely attentive. Assistance will be at any time and immediately given. Next to tennis, A 2 -hole golf course, there is still a sharpened equipped fitness center with amongst others Yoga in the offer. The breakfast in the hotel from very good quality. Even the pastries tasted good. There is, in parallel with the Eiersektion, a Frischfruchtbar, daily fresh fruit customizer cut be. Great idea and delicious. For dinner you should at 17 o'clock the last shuttle bus take, then a massage enjoy and afterwards in one of the many restaurants in ubud go. Not because of quality, but the price in the hotel is in the comparison but 50%-70% more expensive. We have the hotel as a starting point for lots of tours on the island used. The prices for a car including drivers from the hotel, the then also the Touristenführerfunktion accepts, with 80, -€ per day absolutely fair. Great the cycling through the rice paddies Ubuds, the the hotel offers. … read hotel review