Hotel Royal Belvedere(4 stars)

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Hotel Royal Belvedere
My review of Hotel Royal Belvedere:
  • 4.9
  • Jun 2009
  • 2 weeks
  • Beach
  • Hotel recommended
First the lobby. I am 23 years and am with 3 friends in the hotel. Not for the purpose party but to relax! We all cases managed. The lobby is really very nice! Marble everywhere you look. Palm trees and bright and friendly surroundings make the lobby. We had booked all inclusive, and there was plenty to choose from and the scope of this package is really great! The quality of the food and drink was ok! For all-inclusive sufficient in any case and ok! You could almost wherever you went to get food or drink! The pool areas were very nice, even if it for this The size of the hotel was a bit too few beach chairs! But the pool is longer time had not been refurbished, so the edges by the seawater was very sharp! We have cut several times on the edge! So beware if you had kids, that does not violate! The complaint to this ABUSE that we put this pool was injured, with a quick Nod took note that was it! By the tour operator, every day there you can book very nice excursions! We took a trip on the so-called "Leprainsel" to get away! The day was over the top organized and it's really fun! This is definitely recommended! Another limitation is unfortunately the not available beach. Although there are some miles away sötwas as a "beach club", but not just returned, due to the high chair and the high drink prices! So if you beach in this area! The evening a bar to do or disco are very good! Although it is necessary to stay a few km walk into town, but you could walk there before offered hardly safe! There are lots of things to do there! What is absolutely great, and what I've met in this form, is the great activities! There is a "German pool" which run with German entertainment! At 10 p.m. every day begins the entertainment and ends mostly after 11pm with an evening show, the very varying,! We immediately with the entertainers beared and they were all very nice! So a Note A+++++ entertainment in this hotel! … read hotel review