Hotel Riverina(4 stars)

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Swimming pool
Swimming pool
Hotel Riverina
My review of Hotel Riverina:
  • 5.7
  • Aug 2010
  • 1 week
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  • Hotel recommended
I have already assessed July 2009 extensively in the hotel. Unlike in previous years, the hotel was almost fully booked this year. The audience was very mixed, English, Sweden, Poland, German, Arabs, Belgians, French. A Power one Nation was not to feel and the audience, young and old, was civilized and pleasant. The high number of the guests no problem for the occupancy the pool area, there were always enough beach chairs available, the pool was not crowded. Very improved the entertainment program. Next to water aerobics and pool games (darts, staffs, volleyball, etc.) there was an extensive evening entertainment (Sketches, Folkloredarbietung, beauty contest, under other) with regular dancing on the bar. the food and the presentation of the buffets was, as in the previous years, excellent. The garden is fantastic and always in top condition. the hotel is not very young, for its advanced years really very good received. The bathroom are, as few criticized, was actually a little small and the shower, as well as the whole pipe would (and will probably in the very short term) to be renewed. This small downside but the general impression, as other Highlights therefor compensate. the room staff very friendly and helpful found, towels and other Utensils were always enough and clean available. Also the cleaning of the rooms worked perfectly. we distributed only when we left moderate tips. This fact has the service in all areas, whether room, bar, pool bar, pool area, absolutely no harm issued. All employees were always friendly even without tip, accommodating and helpful. for swimming in the sea is the beach at this time of the year not suitable. It is during our stay several guests almost drowned. The current is simply too strong, in order to swim in greater depth. The presence of beach boy has been in strong decline, therefor were more activities at the beach see( for example Surfboard rental). at trips I can recommend the Uda Walawe very national park. Here you can and a wild elephants dream area and experience. The UVA district was wonderful landscape and of course the tea plantations worth a visit. Once again, we were very pleased, felt at home in the Rive and relaxed a little wistfully again and returned home. We will continue to return there. … read hotel review