Hotel Kings Canyon Resort(3 stars)

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Exterior view
Exterior view
Hotel Kings Canyon Resort
My review of Hotel Kings Canyon Resort:
  • 3.7
  • Feb 2010
  • 1 to 3 days
  • Other
  • Hotel recommended
Kings Canyon is a large well laid out, handicapped accessible resort with 132 rooms, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, fitness centre and a souvenir shop. Nearby there was also a gas station and other restaurants. The rooms are large and equipped with a double bed, closet, table with two chairs, a small fridge, tv, iron/ironing board, electric kettle (dirty-someone soup cooked) two cups, coffee and tea. The room was clean but the bed was totally unsteady. You could get sea sick. Lost to adjust the air conditioning you are on a chair, but who is too small. Then someone from the staff doing this. The room had a big balcony and you could sleep with the windows open as it was very quiet. The shower and toilet seemed at first sight to be clean, but closer I discovered a dirty shower curtain. Hair-dryer, there was no. Also a safe was missing. Breakfast with coffee, tea, toast and jam cost $14.50 a, the buffet (nothing special) 26.00 a cost $and you wanted eggs with bacon or omelets, $29.00 a right there. Free parking directly outside the door. Tip: in the immediate vicinity of the hotel is very nice to watch the sunset. If you walk makes Kings Canyon, should start after sunrise, as it was very hot. The way starts with a steep climb to the top the rim and then edge along the canyon. The walk takes 3-4 hours. Good walking shoes were however. Also the hut with the network should not be missed since the mosquitoes are very pushy. Those who don't want a hike through the basin to (about 1 hour back and forth). … read hotel review

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