Alpine Lake Motor Lodge(4 stars)

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Very smart, clean motel archiviert
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  • July 2010
The motel consists of two-story buildings and is very clean and well maintained. Bewertung lesen
  • Zimmer

    The rooms are first class. They are large and comfortable. There is a heated floors, a normal heating (also in the bathroom) and an air conditioning. We had a courtyard room, so our own private place on the terrace with seating. Everything was very clean and neat. The kitchen is up to date, have everything you need. A seating area and an armchair, one also. Unfortunately the internet is not as described on the homepage totally free. It is only between Airport-Hotel according to the bulletin and 10pm available and you should not download movies.

  • Gastronomie
  • Service

    The owner was not very friendly. Reception was empty and there was no bell. So you may find yourself waiting for to finally someone came. We're sorry, but it is annoying when you get rude welcome. The room cleaning makes up for most things.

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  • Hotel

    The motel consists of two-story buildings and is very clean and well maintained.

  • Lage und Umgebung

    The quiet location but are ideal location near the water. Shopping possibilities were a bit further away, but easy to reach by car.

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