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Hotel Blanca Patagonia El Calafate archiviert
  • Nicht empfohlen
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  • Wander- und Wellnessurlaub
  • December 2011
Promises to the outside world and with the price an upscale hotel. Bewertung lesen
  • Zimmer

    big room and large bathroom. Bed sheets clean. Mattresses well, rather hard. kettle and tea, sugar available. Daily 1 teabag per person. furniture outdated. The bathroom was much mold around the bathtub under silicon conclusion. disgusting Whirl pool jets in the tub.

  • Gastronomie

    The restaurant we evenings open from 7:30 P. M.. The sons help there. They work stiff and unsafe, were trimmed on exclusivity, which is superimposed over. Hüftsteak 250g costs without a bit 18, -EURO. Bottle of wine argent. 25, -EURO. good, very bad eaten. Cleanliness okay. Salad good. tip is expected 10%. in Hüftsteak supermarket 38, -EURO klio. breakfast very sweet (who likes it) in other languages Always cooked ham and the same cheese. in the supermarket there are about 6 different types of sausage. Delicious Salami 130g cost 1, -EURO. Do not understand, so you can't switch.

  • Service

    The owner didn't speak English. The sons a bit. sons wife and very hard-working. Owner its guests as a milch cow. rooms are tidy cleaned.

  • Sport und Unterhaltung

    It is in front of the hotel a small small house in which 1 jacuzzi, 1 treadmill, 1 Trimrad, satisfactory 1 sports equipment, 1 shower. everything was very dated and verschutzt. Pool not cleaned, dirty and not recommendable.

  • Hotel

    Promises to the outside world and with the price an upscale hotel.

  • Lage und Umgebung

    8 kilometer is located outside the city, with magnificent view to the Argentino lake. From the hotel a taxi costs 8, -EURO, back 11, -EURO. Around the hotel there are still 2 other hotel restaurant which is not inviting appeared. the hotel will organized without surcharge. airport 27 kilometer away. Taxi from the airport cost 25, -EURO, since 5, -EURO airport tax is applicable. to the airport 20, -EURO.

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