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Reviews- Kastrí Beach
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General description: Kastrí Beach

Kastri Beach can be found in the near vicinity of Nikiti in Chalkidiki, Greece. The place will be an exquisite location for a romantic date. The place is utmost charming situated at the end of a scenic cove.

The tourists visiting the place are soothed by the cool breeze coming from the direction of the water. Kastri Beach is also the best spot imaginable to admire and observe the sunset. Therefore, there are many tourists that can be encountered on the beach in the evenings.

The place is a combination of white-colored sand, pebbles, and small stones, therefore it would be advisable to wear some flip-flops. The tourists will be able to admire the green hillsides. However, there is no shade provided by the trees scattered around Kastri Beach.

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Kastrí Beach
by Juerg in July 13
Kastrí Beach
by Anna in July 10

Kastrí Beach
by Ingeborg in October 06
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