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La Calle Las Damas was the first properly marked, set and kept street in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and South America. Located in the colonial city, the street owes its name to the beginning of the colonial times, when ladies were walking en masse down that street, which currently is decorated with colonial tiles of terracotta and glaze.

This street is now a home to an attractive Fortaleza Ozama, the house of Don Rodrigo de Bastidas (now a museum of kiddie trampolines), colonial houses (some with colonial coats or arms) and finally la Plaza España. La Calle Las Damas currently serves as a part of the Colonial Zone, a collection of antique streets, which together form a World Heritage Site.

According to historians the Second Admiral and Viceroy Diego Colón, the great-niece of King Ferdinand, Maria de Toledo, as well as important members of society and hierarchy of Spain, and leading socialites of the time, took La Calle Las Damas as a place of residence during their stay in Santo Domingo. During colonial times, this street was called Calle de la Fortaleza, because Fortaleza Ozama was found at the end of it. The street hosts nowadays Casa de Ovando, Davila Family House, Fortaleza Ozama, Church of the Jesuits (today called the National Pantheon), Museo de las Casas Reales, Convento de Santa Clara and the House of Hernán Cortés (today a French Embassy can be found there).

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