Personal - Martina & Prasanna"s Holiday Tours
Personal - Martina & Prasanna"s Holiday Tours
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Reviews Martina & Prasanna"s Holiday Tours

I really liked it, he explains very well .. we went into the temple of Buddha at tea plantantsiyu, factory, safari, and the lagoon) Prasanna outside work very courteous and sincere man. And generally cheerful, sincere and simple. I am glad that we had ... Read the review of the place visited
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November 12
Karina, Age 14-18

Thanks Tina for the good advice and planning our tour. We, a family of great daughter arrived at the reviews on HolidayCheck Tina and they have written. The tours we could put together yourself and then Tina has planned the route for us. Once again 2 d... Read the review of the place visited
Read 159 times
July 13
Jemmin & Josy, Age 31-35

hi, we have booked the holiday in sri lanka at tina-tours and were very pleased. all worked well and they were touring professionally designed. we could get to know much of the country and the people and had good guids who could speak English and Germa... Read the review of the place visited
Read 99 times
November 13
Mandy, Age 41-45

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