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Rainy Vacation? Top 5 Museums in Amsterdam

The truth about Amsterdam is that it rains a lot. The city often gets a drizzly rain – just enough to keep you wet and miserable. And roaming along canals or strolling through the Red Light District is no fun in the rain. But luckily, Amsterdam contains over 50 museums and we’ve rounded up the 5 most prominent ones to visit.

'Anne Frank House'

This museum is set inside the house where Anne Frank lived during World War II and wrote in her now-famous diary. The house is now a museum and you are able to tour the building and see the secret annex hiding spot where Anne and her family lived. This is one of the most somber museums in Amsterdam, but well worth a visit to see where the girl with such a honest voice lived. The original journal she wrote in is also on display.

The full Rijksmuseum is closed for renovation through 2013, but despite this we recommend visiting anyway. It is one of the most important museums in Amsterdam and the Philips wing, a section of the main museum, is open to the public while the refurbishment takes place. The wing is quite large but most of all it contains a masterpiece, Rembrandt’s enormous and famous painting, The Night Watch.

'NEMO – Amsterdam’s Science Museum'

We think this is the most entertaining place in the list of top museums in Amsterdam. It’s a splendid science museum that appeals to both kids and adults. The exterior is a sight in itself. It looks like a massive, green submerged ship coming out of the water. Inside you’ll find interactive exhibits like sections helping you understand electricity to a spot where you can make Dutch licorice from scratch. . In fact, it is forbidden NOT to touch things in this museum.

The Hermitage
One of the top museums on Amsterdam is the smaller cousin to the much larger version in St Petersburg. The Amsterdam branch showcases Russian history and culture through exceptional paintings, sculptures and artifacts. Significant portion of this is dedicated specifically to information on St Petersburg. There is also a large section that covers relations between Holland and Russia.


'We Have to Mention the Van Gogh Museum …'

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam houses the world’s largest collections of Van Gogh paintings. Unfortunately, it is will be closed for renovations starting in October 2012. Be sure to visit the museum website for the latest details. However, when the museum closes temporarily a selection of some of the most famous Van Gogh paintings will on display at the Hermitage museum, detailed above.
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