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Taca Airline - Awful experience

We booked our flight and got a confirmation in January 2012 roundtrip Costa Rica – Belize leaving the 11. of June, coming back the 18. of June. Hotels in San Jose and Belize confirmed and transfers set up. Now 4 weeks before the travel date, almost 5 months after our booking confirmation, we received an email that they cancelled all the flights for 18. of June for operational reasons and we have to travel one day later. Not even asking just let us know. After a couple of phone calls – almost 2 hours to get an answer in their famous call center for reservation the situation is the following: The force us to travel their date but they won’t pay for additional night we had to stay because of their scheduled change or we have to leave one day earlier but we will get no refund from Taca for the night we lost. Therefore, we lose anyway. Than we tried to move the whole trip – leaving one day later and go back the date Taca forced us. Surprise!!! Since the canceled just our flight back and now to be able to adjust our stay around their dates they will charge us US $ 130.--additional. The next nice option – they will refund the money, but not the complete amount and you have to wait 15-22 days!!!Resume: All errors made Take, everything has to pay the client. That is Tacas customer service.
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