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Top 5 San Francisco Budget Hotels

San Francisco has some of the highest hotel rates in the United States, so it can be hard to find a nice hotel that isn’t merely a boring motel. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite places to stay that also reflect the individual spirit of the city, plus a mainstream choice in there if you just want a basic hotel at an affordable price.

'Hotel Boheme'

A favorite haunt of pets, writers and creative types, this is one of the most historic places to stay among San Francisco budget hotels. In fact, Allen Ginsberg, one of the most famous members of the Beat Generation, stayed here several times. The hotel is simple and clean and feels more like staying in someone’s home than in a hotel. It is located in the middle of North Beach, one of the city’s most bohemian neighborhoods. It is also within walking distance to downtown.

'The Mosser'

Smack in the center of Union Square, this hotel put you in the middle if everything in the city. The common areas and rooms mix Victorian details with modern design in an eye-catching way. The overall effect is inviting and fresh. This is one of the most contemporary of San Francisco budget hotels yet does not get super trendy. In fact, it feels like exactly the type of place you can retire and relax in at the end of a hard day of sightseeing.

'Andrews Hotel'

This excellent downtown hotel is a perfect choice if you don’t want to spend the big bucks on a well-known chain hotel, but you do expect business class level of service. The prices here are on the higher end of San Francisco budget hotels, but you get a lot in return. Location is fantastic and central. Rooms are spacious and modern, with the usual amenities of a business class hotel. Service is also top notch and the front guest staff is always helpful, friendly and full of local recommendations.

'Golden Gate Hotel'

Inside this 4-story Edwardian building is a slightly flowery and girly hotel. Staying here is a lot like being in a bed and breakfast in the countryside, except that you are firmly planted in the middle of downtown San Francisco. We like it for its personal, excellent service (it is a family-owned hotel) and comfortable beds, and the fact that it has such amazing value. All in all this is a fine choice among San Francisco budget hotels.

'Hotel San Remo'

Another former home to many Beat poets, this hotel is a rare find among San Francisco budget hotels. It is located right by the Fisherman’s Wharf, one ht San Francisco’s prime tourist attractions. The hotel is in a 1906 Victorian house and features small touched like lace curtains and antique furniture. It is tasteful and upmarket enough to feel a bit elegant, but not over the top or ostentatious in the least.
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