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Top 5 Sharm el Sheikh Attractions

Many of the Sharm el Sheikh attractions are actually side trips from the main town and resort area, but this means you’ll also see a bit more than the inside of a beach resort. Read on for our tips on the best sightseeing in the area, but we didn’t leave out simply relaxing at the resort. This is vacation after all.

'St Catherine’s Monastery'

One of the most cultural choices among Sharm el Sheikh attractions, St Catherine’s Monastery is an iconic and one of the oldest Greek Orthodox places of worship on Earth. It dates from the 4th century (thought the Church of Transfiguration section is from the 6th century) and consists of a fortress, a chapel and various monastic structures. There is also an excellent collection of artifacts, rare manuscripts and art inside. It sits right t the edge of Mount Sinai, a massive mountain popular with trekkers. If you decide to summit be ready for a tough climb, but at the top you’ ll be greeted with sweeping views and will be standing in the holy spot where Moses received the Ten Commandments.

Into the Desert
There are so many ways to experience the desert I here, but getting out there is a must-do among Sharm el Sheikh attractions. All the hotels and resorts will arrange a desert excursion and you can choose from a variety of activities. Consider quad-biking out in the open expanse. Or for a more relaxing experience book an evening excursion where you relax at a Bedouin camp site, indulge in a delicious meal among the dunes and star gaze at darkness falls.

'The Colored Canyon'

With swirls of red and pink s rock, the Colored Canyon is an excellent side trip and one of the best Sharm el Sheikh attractions. It is a stunning feature of the landscape in this area. The artistic patterns are fantastic and beautiful, and it is hard to imagine that this was formed through natural elements. The best way to experience it is to hike along the bottom of the canyon. It’s an easy hike but also very popular and gets extremely hot at midday, so get there s early as you can.

Old Town (Sharm el May)
Sharm el Maya is the Old Town of Sharm el Sheikh. It faces the main harbor and boast excellent water views and is one of the most atmospheric and ancient Sharm el Sheikh attractions. There is a wonderful old market portion and a walled part of the coast, look out for the lighthouse and the strip of snazzy waterfront resorts. This is an excellent place to wander around and pop into its many outdoor cafes and restaurants. There is also a fair amount of shopping here and a produce, spice market.

Be a Beach Bum
Of course you have to do nothing on the beach! Make sure you spend plenty of time lying in the sand, enjoying a waterside cocktail and lounging to your heart’s content. Simply doing nothing while frolicking in the sun is one of the top Sharm el Sheikh attractions.
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